For The Love Of Endorsing Dead Politician's Widows As Candidates

Just listening to Leni Gerona-Robredo right now is quite a chore. While #NagaLeaks' credibility is still under question but what's more important is Leni's lack of credibility. EDSA Anniversary may be over but let's think about how the Widow Card really brought problems to the Philippines. This is not in any way seeking to absolve blame of the late Ferdnand E. Marcos Sr. but an attempt to see it beyond the retarded wards of Marcostards vs. Aquinotards. Just because the late Marcos Sr. is no hero doesn't mean that the Aquinos are heroes. Right now, I'm even having doubts over one man I used to admire so much and served as an inspiration for this blog namely the late Ninoy Aquino.

The whole phenomenon of vote for the widow is that stupid. So why is everyone fuzzing over Imelda R. Romualdez in politics over her late husband Marcos Sr. while nobody's complaining about how the late Cory Cojuangco-Aquino (an inexperienced housewife) and the abogaga (and most likely fake Vice President) Leni (the widow of the late Jesse) were endorsed? Necropolitics is necropolitics regardless of who does it. If they could frown on Imelda why not on Cory and Leni? So nobody else is allowed to do necropolitics but the Liberal Party? That's a lot of double standard there!

The first stupidity happened after the EDSA Revolution. Putting the late Cory an inexperienced housewife in power is not a wise decision. She knew NOTHING and ended up creating a lousy constitution that caused 30+ years of huge unemployment and cronyism. I'm not saying that Marcos Sr. himself wasn't guilty of it. He was guilty of it and among the cronies was a cousin of Cory namely Eduardo Cojuangco. It wasn't long that Cory was not only hailed as a heroine but also that her death ended up skyrocketing her dimwit son Noynoy. Many today still believe Noynoy "healed" the Philippines but evidence suggest otherwise. But the 1987 Constitution did nothing to be helpful as it's pro-oligarch and many Filipinos lack job opportunities and live in an Aquinocracy than a balanced democracy.

The second stupidity happened with Leni. Her husband's legacy as DILG Secretary was used in her campaign. Just picking her out because she's the widow of Jesse is plain stupid. I don't care if she really flank the bar twice if she's doing her job right. The problem is that she's instead not doing her job right and she's losing credibility really fast. Yellowtards claim that once again a widow will beat a Marcos. The question is did this widow really beat Bongbong Marcos fair and square or was she installed by Hocus PCOS? If she was really vice president why is she afraid of the manual recount? Why are yellows getting so desperate not to get the results out from the COMELEC? Something fishy is going on isn't it.

Hmmm... I just wonder what if Marbobo Roxas died before the Senatorial elections or even the next elections. It would be dreadful just to imagine what if Korina Sanchez-Roxas would run for office because of her husband Marbobo. Then again, I guess Marbobo's loss in both the Vice Presidential bid and the Presidential bid would put a huge halt to necropolitics. Korina's just another clown of ABiaS-CBN that ends up showing PNoy Pride's true colors.