You Have NO RIGHT To Criticize Unruly Chinese Tourists If You Don't Want To Even Follow Simple Guidelines

It's no secret that there are plenty of rude Chinese tourist incidents and it's become viral. The problem has to do with China's urban poor (many of them are squatters in their own country) who suddenly enjoy the economic boom that they experienced thus making many of those idiots travel abroad while they don't have any proper education or seeking to escape their harsh government. Now, it's no secret that I've read of an incident a few years back where a Chinese tourist was caught defecating at a trash can in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (which sadly is a metaphor of what the Aquinos are) or how many of them just don't know how to behave in public. I may be Chinese by ethnicity but I don't approve of their doing. Neither does their rather tyrannical government approve of what these people are doing.

Some Filipinos have earned their right to criticize unruly Chinese tourists because they follow simple guidelines but many Filipinos haven't. The reason is that how can the Philippines really expect progress if people don't even want to follow simple guidelines? A good example is no smoking and they smoke. They throw their garbage just everywhere. They always react and react without analyzing the situation -- such as not reading posts properly before commenting or failing to point out specifics to prove a point while saying they know the meaning of the word "specific". There's even the well-known bad habit of habitual tardiness and they even have the nerve to call it "Filipino time" when it's just being late. That's just but a few examples of what's going on with Filipinos who don't have the right to criticize these unruly Chinese tourists if they too refuse to follow simple guidelines.

Many incidents can be observed that point that many Filipinos aren't any different from the unruly Chinese tourists that they're criticizing. Complaining about a Chinese tourist washing his or her feet on the fountain? Well, why complain about it if they are also using the public as their own personal comfort room such as peeing (or even pooping for others) anywhere they want or that they have a pro-squatter mentality in the name of "human rights"? Squatters have no sense of decency and hygiene. If you are someone who wants to support squatting as a right then what right do you have to criticize unruly Chinese tourists who behave like squatters because there's a chance that many of the latter grew up in the slums of China? Besides, it's highly possible that these unruly Chinese tourists misbehave in certain countries or in the Philippines because of very loose law enforcement. Philippine law enforcement has been known to be loose for so many years which may also contribute to to the influx of rude Chinese tourists. If they misbehave in China -- they are sure to get punished. But if they misbehave in the Philippines then chances are they can pay their way out.

This is the real problem of the Filipino double standard. A good example is that they have their supposed right to flaunt their supposed "Filipino superiority" but when other races do then they shout racist or accuse someone of racism when he or she isn't -- because it's thinkers doers! Another is that they have their right to misbehave in other countries but not foreigners in their own country. It's like asking for the Filipino "exceptionalism" where they are supposedly "different" from the rest of humanity or that the laws of time and space must conform to them. Besides, the Chinese government and educated Chinese people don't even support unruly Chinese people -- all the while there's the stupid trait of "standing by your fellow Filipino no matter what" no matter how guilty the person is. As said, if they don't want unruly tourists to ruin their country then they too should behave properly.