The Hypocrisy Of The "Stand By Your Fellow Filipino No Matter What" Crowd

It's noticeable that some Filipinos tend to be stuck in the mentality of people who believe that you must stand by your fellow Filipino or Pinoy no matter what. If anybody can remember two major incidents namely the Flor Contemplacion incident and the three drug mules incident that mindset was so widely displayed. These people were confirmed guilty after a three year trial. One was really guilty of murder to her fellow Filipino Delia Maga and the other three were guilty of acting out as agents of drug trafficking. Some Filipinos indeed think that you must stand by your fellow Filipino no matter what even if that fellow Filipino of yours is already a wanted criminal. 

The problem kicks in when you have Pinoys getting mad at their fellow Pinoys who reject their stupid practices. Let's give a hypothetical scenario to illustrate the situation. Let's just say that a Pinoy hosts a party and has only invited only a few people. Then a couple of people decided to gate crash. The Pinoy who holds a party tells them that they weren't invited. But the gatecrashers will get mad and ask the Pinoy host whether or not he's really Pinoy and tell him that gate crashing is part of Pinoy culture. Then they even get mad that the host refuses to party until daybreak and start to question his "being Filipino" because he refuses to. For added laughs and frustration, I could also mention guests who arrive one hour late and had less food to eat or none at all will even have the guts to tell the host that being habitually late is part of Filipino culture. 

The scenario is more like stand by your fellow Pinoy who loves to do these foolish practices they believe makes them as "authentically Pinoy". It calls to punish Pinoy who seek to become proper Filipinos by making them outcast and possibly disinherit them from the Philippines so they can continue to enjoy their blunder. In reality, this quest to "stay true to the Pinoy identity" is nothing more than a quest for foolishness instead of nationalism. If you really love the Philippines then you're going to fight for your country to get better.