Failipinos And Their Utak Squatter Mentality!

Arrogant Filipino squatters
I hate to admit it but the Philippines is a very slum friendly place no thanks to the Commission on Human Rights better known as Criminals Have Rights and every other pro-squatter party list.  What I SO ANNOYED to think is how those squatters themselves keep benefiting from a stupid WELFARE STATE.  Sure to say, the Failipinos themselves tend to defend squatters not only as human beings but also, as the rightful settlers of their areas saying, "Pity on them!  Blessed are the poor!" ignoring that other poor people who are not squatters are victims of arrogant squatters.  Decent Filipinos have EVERY RIGHT to get mad at Failipino squatters.  They worked hard for their living and what do they get?  NOTHING GOOD NO THANKS TO COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS!

Oh boy I could still remember what Ilda wrote at Get Real Philippines about arrogant squatters.  To quote Ilda she said, "The squatters or illegal settlers need to move out of wherever they have been squatting for years or even decades because they simply do not belong there. They have long enjoyed their stay, living on abandoned or unoccupied areas of land without being asked to move out. Some of them clog the rivers not just with their garbage, but also with their human waste, which eventually result in the flooding of the streets and residential areas of the cities specially in times of heavy rain. As long as the squatters remain where they are and are allowed to flourish, the Philippines will not reach its full potential as a business hub that finds favor in the eyes of foreign investors."  I definitely agree with her 100% because squatters are indeed an EYE SORE.  I can suggest it's best to let David Guerrero aka Mr. "It's More Fun In The Philippines" really experience life at the slums.  That preposterous and ghastly slogan of his will NOT improve tourism in the long run because as said, taglines MATTER more than testimonials.  I would suggest Mr. "It's More Fun In The Philippines" should really go the squatter infested areas of Tondo so he will face reality.  Either that guy is smoking weed or inhaling meth... or he's just plain dishonest.

However what Get Real Philippines is yet to address is the idea that squatter brain mentality is not limited in the slum areas.  Now what does it mean to be "utak squatter" or to be squatter-brained?  You might want to observe how Failipinos can be squatters in mind and heart even if they aren't living in the squatter areas.  It's sad to say but the problem of squatters are not merely limited to informal settlers but their bad behavior is so prevalent, even among Failipinos who don't live in the slums.  Don't believe me?  I can start writing some things I have observed that makes Failipinos have their squatter brains.  Believe me, every decent-minded Pinoy has had ENOUGH of Failipinos and their squatter brain mentality!

I could start with how they are actually dealing with their garbage disposal.  Come on, throwing your garbage in the PROPER PLACE is a simple guideline.  I noticed how many Filipinos fail to practice even the simplest of cleanliness policies even if they don't live in the slums.  What I have noticed is that after they are eating a snack or something, they just throw the wrappers or paper cups indiscriminately because they expect someone to pick it up for them, wow typical haciendero mentality even if they are not rich and ironically, a rich man ends up throwing his garbage at the right place and picking up whatever litter there is around to keep the place clean.  During the Earth Hour event last April 26, 2012, their supposed fun run for Earth was really hypocrisy as they just threw their garbage anywhere... wow time for a new episode of Captain Planet and the Planeteers huh?  At the NAIA, several times has it happened THAT garbage here and garbage there is really a huge problem.  What I have also observed more often than not is that a lot of workers in the Philippines tend not to keep their workplaces clean.  What they ignore is that their habits can cause forest fires (it takes only a single spark to burn a forest) or clog the drainage leading to floods.

Failipinos tend to have their lack of decency.  A lack of education is never an excuse not to be decent.  It reminded me of how I had to endure a stupid Failipino worker who would change his attire in public, showing off his almost naked visage and he would even yell back at the authorities when he's caught. In short, he does not value decency and when I scolded him, he answers back.  His attitude may be linked to narcissistic tendencies to think he's the most beautiful man ever (and even if he is, it DOES NOT give him the permission to act like he does) and sad to say, the Philippines is full of narcissistic people left and right.  However it's not only limited to lowly educated people but also towards office jobs.  It's so annoying to think of how I can see some workers actually talk boisterously, sit improperly, they act like they own the place... it's very annoying.  Some of them are even so busy talking they can't even entertain the customer already.  It's really a source of headache for decent workers and customers. You can also observe their lack of decency whenever they just urinate everywhere they please.

The tendency to be a freeloader is also there.  A Failipino may not be living in the slums of Tondo but he or she is squatter-minded if he or she thinks about the benefit of staying in a place for free and not paying rent as it should be paid.  What annoys me more often than not is that most of them know that they have rent to pay but they instead choose to do their stupid happy-happy or buy the latest gadgets even if money is so much fewer than expected.  Can't afford?  They will use somebody else's money and if I criticize their habits, they will ask something like, "Are you jealous?" or for dumb and dumber, "Why?  Am I using your money?"  Just because they are not using my money does not give them the right to leech on others.  At the same time, OFWs usually remain poor no thanks to their friends and relathieves.  It's a plain and painful situation especially during the holidays - the OFW is sweating really hard in some part of the world while the beneficiary is partying hard.  Returning home from abroad ends up a time to buy too many stuff for those fiends and relathieves of theirs.  You can imagine it... buy one crate of liquor for your lazy brother, a Playstation 4 for your lazy nephew, the latest clothes for your lazy niece, an XBox One for junior and he's not even doing well ins chool, then five VIP tickets to any super expensive concert and the list can GO ON AND ON and these people contribute NOTHING to the income!  GRRRRRR!!!!!!  Even if it's not my money that's being used, I still feel upset about how this culture is SO PREVALENT!

Not to mention, I can also talk about how they think with their feelings rather than their emotions, in short they refuse to rationalize their emotions as if they don't have a brain right?  They have a brain but they refuse to use it.  Have you ever observed how violent squatters are?  You try to negotiate with them peacefully to move out, probably for 99.9% of the time you should expect to be hit by their full force of violence.  Likewise, I have observed how people these days think with their fists rather than their brains, that is they prefer brawn over brain.  It's difficult to think, it's easier to use violence right?  I have noticed how I was told to be careful about who I yell at because some people are quick to resolve to violence or suggest to the use of violence.  While it seems cool and mature to use violence but it's worse than childishness of losing one's temper in public.  More often than not, you can see Failipino workers who are more arrogant than their bosses with conversations filled with crude language and not to mention, the tendency to throw a fist or kick when they are criticized for their actions because for them, they are NEVER WRONG.  What's so amazing is that they think they are smarter than everybody else but in the end of the day, they are just a bunch of losers by their own choice.

All I can say is, go ahead and let those Failipinos cry their whiny asses to the Commission on Human Rights for this article.  Let them say that I am a Communist insurgent while they hypocritically support the leftists no thanks to their Failipino Pride.