Maria Ressa Can Brag About All Her International Awards But Can She Regain Her Credibility Back In The Philippines?

Well surprise or not -- Maria Ressa is always getting showered with medals by the clueless Western media. Whether it's the Golden Pen of Freedom 2018 or the Gwen Iffill Freedom Award -- should it be surprising? The award was given in New York City last November 21, 2018 which I missed. Now I think about the whole that "You Dutertards must be just jealous because none of you got that award!" Hmmmm... I'd like to give a bit of common sense reply!

So what's she up to again as she receives her award and flaunts it for all to see with pretended humility? Spreading the same old lies to the international community because she's got so little backing back at her home. She's lying that democracy is supposedly "dead" and that journalism press freedom is under attack.

But now, she may have show herself once more that she's probably just a bully and a control freak as revealed by Get Real Pundit as written by Ilda:

Seems Maria Ressa thinks only high profile people have credibility. Calling me a “minor minor blogger” says a lot about the way she looks down on those who she considers beneath her. In a truly egalitarian society, everyone has a voice, even ordinary people.

Not only did Maria Ressa call me a “minor minor blogger”, she also accused me of being a propagandist. What’s her basis in saying this? I base my opinion on facts. The fact is, she violated the rules on foreign media ownership and is in trouble for tax evasion.

Unfortunately, Maria Ressa exposed herself as an elitist and a credentialist in a single tweet. She thinks I’m a propagandist just because she doesn’t agree with my views and claims I’m a minor minor blogger just because…I have no idea why she thinks I’m a minor minor blogger.

This is really something. I thought about how often many Filipinos choose to attack the messenger instead of the message. So what if Get Real Philippines has people who use screen names like I do or if people want privacy? So what if Get Real Philippines' staff didn't get the awards Ressa gets? Ressa ended up calling Ilda a "propagandist" and a "minor minor blogger" is really childish. As said, she's really lashing it out on bloggers. Perhaps, she really believes that only people like her have their credibility. Yet she hypocritically also praises a non-big time blogger Jover Laurio as to having done a well-researched and well-documented blog even puts her into question. So really what makes Laurio any "greater" than Get Real Philippines or well lower bloggers like myself? Laurio's posts are nothing more than her childish idiocy yet Ressa praises it as "well-researched"? Well, that further corrodes her credibility in how she does her job as a top journalist.

This is how things look like. Ressa may be using the international community to pretend that she's for press freedom. However, by doing the "fact checking" -- she's really revealed that she's probably just another control freak who wants to monopolize the Philippine cyberzone with her peers such as Ellen Tordessilas of Vera Files or ABiaS-CBN. For years, the Yellow Media dominated the Philippine cyberzone until social media started to emerge. The monopoly of information is no longer there. The rise of Internet TV also further plunged the local duopology (ABiaS-CBN and GMA-7) where people start to watch better shows or even better news not done by the Yellow Media. She's already on shaky ground. Maybe, people who used to read CRappler are now having more alternatives apart from the biased media. It's most likely a desperate cry for help as she loses her once legendary spotlight!

Sure, she had a long history as a journalist but has she really even applied non-partisan and free journalism? I doubt it and her praising an idiotic child's work as "well-documented" should even make you wonder why she gets her awards. Then again, consider where she got her awards. It's from the clueless western media who thinks that they are "experts of the world". Yes, she deserves her awards from fellow liberals like her. Let her get all her awards. Let her brag about it all she wants. Her awards will never change the fact that they never change anything when it comes to Filipinos' awakening from Yellowtardism. Besides, let her make a cabinet of her awards, let her brag about it but Filipinos who already know the truth would probably just ignore them. She won't get a red carpet when she returns home either. She may only get nothing more than jeers and she might as well turn all her plaques into a body armor to shield her from criticism.