Yellowtards May Consider Letting Amos Yee Speak In The Pro-Dilawan Colleges

Remember that brat Amos Yee from Singapore who's now in the United States of America? I have a wild suggestion for the Dilawans. If the Ateneo De Manila University could afford to award the stupidity of Jover Laurio of the PNoy Ako blog then why don't they and the University of the Philippines also invite Amos to speak for them? He hates Singapore and he's a victim card player.

From what I heard, Amos is a proponent of anarcho-communism. It's all about establishing a welfare state by abolishing wage labor. This is a system that rewards the lazy and punishes the diligent. If we abolish wage labor then what motivation will people get? I mean, if people can get 4Ps or welfare benefits then why work? Isn't it any wonder why the Philippines is full of incompetence because of overworked and underpaid people?

I guess this is a preview of what he might speak at UP and Ateneo. I could laugh my head off considering he might make a fool out of himself again. Oh yeah, he might demand a high talent fee and I wonder of the Yellowtards still have any more money left


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