K-Drama Series Defeat Teleseryes By Several Long Miles

I could remember the first time I wasn't all that into Korean stuff. These days, I'm still not that much into Korean stuff except for cuisine. I'm not all that fond of K-Pop music either. I thought about how Koreanovelas rivaled my two other favorite shows namely Taiwanovelas and Japanovelas. I still watch some selected Korean for dull reasons namely the attractive leading lady.

I remembered watching Endless Love. I admit, the bad dub was there the first time I saw it. I remembered the bad dubbing of Full House. But it was still better than those idiotic teleseryes. I thought about how K-Dramas defeated teleseryes. I guess that's why the stupid proposal to ban K-Pop. There was even that stupid proposal to ban Filipinos from bringing media from abroad. Fortunately, none of those stupid bills got passed or enacted. Such stupidity was done in the name of "nationalism" as if they aren't using anything imported or invented by foreigners. As I love to ask it don't tell me those stupid teleseryes were filmed without imported equipment? That's just plain impossible to do so. Talk about trying to ban imported entertainment all the while they're using a lot of foreign stuff to do their work.

What makes those K-Drama girls better than the teleserye girls? It'd be redundant if I keep talking about it because they have more or less the same reasons why Super Sentai girls rock over teleserye girls. I couldn't even watch an entire episode of The Worse Half compared to Kang Chi. Okay, I admit I watched Kang Chi just to drool at the beautiful Dam Yoo Wool (at first) but the story was pretty interesting. Sure we've seen Suzy Bae's characters cry but she's not someone who gives up. She just cries because she's frustrated and needs to heal before she can fight again. It's different from teleserye girls who are actually weaklings and worse, they tend to rely too much on the men who are also weaklings. I guess it only takes one shot of Suzy's bow to get rid of Camille from The Worse Half. Sure Camille's gorgeous but Suzy isn't just a beauty. She really gets the job done.

Men are men in teleseryes even if they don't look like it. It's already bad enough teleseryes have really pathetic leading ladies. Worse, you have such weak men and it leads nowhere. In K-Dramas, I noticed how men really do what they do no matter how wimpy some of them look. They don't like weak women but they like those women with guts. Maybe that's why Lee Seunggi's character Kang Chi in Gu Family Book slowly developed feelings for Yoo Wool. I thought about how often gutsy females attract gutsy males. Unfortunately, some female K-Drama viewers tend to just view K-Dramas because teleserye guys are wimps and they want better men.

Maybe another reason why K-Dramas started clicking in the Philippines would be the right pacing. Who can remember the super-duper long and plotless teleseryes? I could remember how overstretched Mula Sa Puso was. I mean three years and something and there's no real progress?! Okay, some Korean series can be that long but it hardly happens. Autumn in My Heart was pretty much direct to the point and not spinning around. It's not like how Hiram starring Chiz Escudero's second wife Heart Evangelista went nowhere. Plus, that show had stupid Kris Aquino to ruin it.

Not to mention when they localize a plot from any Japanese or Taiwanese or any foreign show they usually do a good job at it. City Hunter is one good example of doing a good job in its localization. The problem with teleseryes based on foreign media is how they end up as bootleg quality versions. In short, these "bootleggers" make inferior versions. Even if they're licensed but some people can't help but call them bootleg because of how inferior the quality is. It just shows how Koreans put a lot of care whenever they localize a story for their audience compared to teleserye versions of foreign shows.