PNoys Ignore Feeling VP Leni Loud Robredo's Neglect While Criticizing President Rodrigo R. Duterte's Fatigue

It's been a year or so since both President Digong and Feeling Vice President Leni Loud sat in office. I thought about the selective outrage or bias of the Yellow Media when it comes to President Digong and their extreme favoritism for Assuming Vice President Leni Loud. Okay, I have no problem in criticizing President Digong because he makes mistakes. The problem is that they tend not to think before the criticize. A good critic assesses the situation first before jumping into their conclusions. 

How is Feeling VP Leni Loud doing her job in the first place? I guess even the way she does her job may be evidence she's a fake vice president. Her attitude is so fake which may explain why she's got a drop of approval ratings. It's stupid for Leah Navarro to ask where is President Digong instead of where was Assuming VP Leni Loud. Leni Loud's neglectful performance makes me think she might be the perfect bride for former president Noynoy. Both of them have their Pwede Na Yan attitude. She was given her task as a housing czar but all she did was screw it up. Worse, all she does is have her pictorials or lately, have her socializing in Los Angeles when she should be in the office when President Digong is having a state visit.

Let's talk about the ongoing Marawi Crisis. Once again, Navarro shows her favoritism. President Digong has every right not to show up during the June 12 celebration. Assuming VP Leni Loud and Alan Peter Cayetano were there to fill his spot. The Marawi crisis is more important than the June 12 celebration. President Digong was doing an important job. Also, did they even think that President Digong was in a state visit in Russia and rushed home when the Marawi crisis happened? I guess they just ignore the pros and cons from every other camp before jumping into conclusions.

Unfortunately for PNoys, their Feeling VP fell into a whole new level of low during the Philippine independence day celebration. People expressed how much they "love" Feeling VP Leni Loud with all the angry bird icons. Hmmmm... I guess they're getting desperate to make sure she becomes president never mind that there's still an electoral protest going on.