How Leila Dilemma And Jim Paredes Lost Their Supporters

Is it me or is it amazing how Leila Dilemma and Jim Paredes lost their support from their own camp? I was too angry with the old man and my blood pressure shot up yet again that I didn't want to update on him. What ended up coming was that some fans of Paredes started to berate him for his extreme misbehavior. If and if ever he was planning to have a concert then fans have every right to demand a refund. Two, they could go there to boo him for his misconduct.

So why am I bringing Dilemma up? It's her dilemma assuming that she wasn't installed by Hocus PCOS would be her voters. If Paredes may be asking "My fans where are you?" and most of them showed up asking for refunds, the same may have happened to Dilemma. She lost support a huge part of her 13,793,947 voters because of her attitude. Her continuous lost of dignity during the investigation and the evidence against her can't be denied anymore. Only a few of her voters are fighting for her freedom. The rest turned against her assuming she wasn't even installed by Hocus PCOS.

One could keep bringing up Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre Jr. to be a "dirty person". Some may continue to bring up the incident that happened last 2012 never mind that it was just a jaywalking incident in the Senate. Justice Secretary Aguirre himself was part of the Liberal Party for some time so I guess he should have known the stench of its members. Saying Dilemma was innocent is just outrageous. She may have had several incidents of sedition which may justify her arrest.

Paredes' behavior during the 31st EDSA celebration made him lose his dignity. He even accused the Duterte youth of trolling and ABiaS-CBN won't show the full video. The Duterte Youth showed their dignity by not yelling back at the old man. His lack of dignity may have also been another reason why he lost a lot of his supporters. I don't mind listening to old school music but no thanks to Paredes' music. Oh who can remember the time he sang "American Junk" during the 1980s? I like a lot of 80s songs but that song is still garbage even before the digital age brought us MP3 and i-Tunes. I wish that song "American Junk" will be forever dishonored.

Oh the irony of how the democracy they claimed to fight for ended up biting them back.