If The Whole World Believes The Dilawans Then Why Oppose Removing Excessive Restrictions To Foreign Investors?

I remembered how I wrote it last year on whether or not the Yellowtards or Dilawans brag that the whole world supposedly believes them. Yet, we do have to consider who's who in the international community and who believes them. Does the small amount of foreigners claim to be the "whole world" like those foreigners who visited Leila De Lima in her cell or foreign bodies that gave her awards? Does Human Rights Watch's Philip Kleine or would New York Times or any allies of the Democrats in the U.S. be the whole world? Would the journalist organizations that gave Maria Ressa all her awards classify as the whole world? If that's so then why didn't Stephen Sackur buy any of the stories that was given to him by Maria Lourdes Sereno -- instead he chewed her out like he did with Antonio Trillanes IV and may do the same to any of their allies who he will interview.

If the whole world believes the Dilawans then why in the world are they still opposed to full economic liberalization? If their reason for maintaining economic protectionism is to protect national interests then why are they allowing foreign intervention to happen? While I don't mind foreigners expressing their opinions concerning our issues or offering advice (such as letting Mahathir Mohammad advise on how to turn the Philippines into a parliamentary-federal country) but they must check the facts and investigate first! It's just as stupid as those Filipino commies who claim to be very nationalistic yet they even go as far as to the International Criminal errr Clown Court which is NOT a Filipino invention -- so much for being so "nationalistic" huh?

The claim of nationalism and protecting Philippine sovereignty nothing more than a scam. Why do you think Filipino commies such as members of Bayad Muna, Akbayad and Migraine International oppose removing excessive restrictions? It's not because they are nationalistic or are concerned about local Filipino businesses. It's all about their self-interests because if more Filipinos get jobs then the poverty level will certainly drop. The poorest Filipino can afford basic necessities or live in a good house if the economy is good. That's not something they want because if more Filipinos get employed and get to eat three times a day -- it would be hard to get brute force to help them. The same can be said about the Dilawans. They don't really care about the Philippines but only their own interests, right?