Would You Buy A Copy Of The "Sequel" To The Comic Book That Promoted Marbobo Roxas As A Hero?

Do you remember the time that Marbobo Roxas released his "hit comic book" called "Sa Gitna Ng Unos" which means "In the Middle of the Storm". If you got a copy of the hit comic book you may have gotten so angry realizing that it claims to be based on what really happened when it's a deceitful propaganda. The comics was intended to promote Marbobo as Nobita Aquino's successor. Instead, the comic caused a major backlash which made him lose the elections. Not even the magic of Hocus PCOS could help him win the elections. But I think the comic book deserves a sequel but it would come out with events that reveal what really happened. 

I think that a new comic book should be published. It should be drawn and made in Tacloban the very city he's disrespected. The comic book should cover the Yolanda Operation Relief fiasco. It should cover the misdeeds of Stinky Soliman and Mar and what they really did. The expired relief goods problem and the neglect should be exposed. Pictures of the expired relief goods should not be drawn by hand but placed for all to see. It could also talk about the missing Yolanda funds and question it. It could also point out the fact that while China's government had Zheng Xiaoyu executed last 2008 for the melamine milk scandal yet both Stinky and Marbobo weren't even punished at all.

It would also be funny if the comic book "Tikman Mo Ang Unos" will get a Manga and Anime based on it. There are some Filipinos working as artists and animators in Japan who could help. It might do well if a Filipino writer could also work with Toei Animation, Tatsunuko or Fujiko Studios to create an Anime movie based on the "sequel" of the hit comic book. Maybe, it should also be brought to the U.S. and a movie based on it can be made. Just imagine how it would affect the Philippines should the movie be shown in cinemas. 

What do you think? 


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