Does Anyone Remember That Loida Nicolas-Lewis Said That Mar And Leni Are The Best Bet For 2016?

Just because President Rodrigo R. Duterte is now head of state doesn't mean the Yellow Empire is going down without a fight. One such person is Loida Nicolas-Lewis. Just listen to hear speak first in this video before you read the rest of the blog entry. Remember this is ABiaS-CBN which is pro-Aquino and biased against everything that's not Aquino.

Are you done? Let's try and talk about what she said. She starts by smearing every opponent that Mar could face such as mentioning cancer (Miriam Defensor Santiago), "mamatay-tao" (Rodrigo R. Duterte) and Amerikana (Grace Poe-Llamanzares) in her quest to get people to vote for Mar. What's stupid is that if Mar couldn't even secure the vice-presidency what makes her think that he can secure the presidency? She says that Mar and Leni have the capacity, ability and integrity to run the nation. She's already breaking guidelines by starting to smear everyone in her quest to promote the clowns.

Let's talk about Mar Roxas first. How "clean" is Mar anyway as she claims he is? Do you know he was really involved with the Yolanda Operation Fiasco? Is she trying to convince victims of Yolanda to consider him as a "superhero" when what he did (along with Stinky Soliman) ruined a lot of lives? If he and Stinky were in China they would have been executed like the late Zheng Xiaoyu. The melamine milk scandal really ruined China big time. Would have the late Zheng been the health minster of the Philippines under Noynoy Aquino then he would have probably been protected like him and Stinky. His severe incompetence for the past several years or his quest to uphold the defective 1987 Constitution prove he's an idiot.

Let's also talk about the newly crowned equal queen Leni Loud Robredo. She's showing all her signs of ka-epalan. Is she really ready to take the office of presidency as she claims? It doesn't take a political analyst to know that she's useless. She was given the job of housing czar and she proves she's useless. She's derailing President Duterte instead of helping him find better ways. I guess she'd rather trust that idiot Agnes Callamard who said shabu doesn't harm people. I don't find it surprising Crappler also covered a conference where both Callamard and Dr. Carl Hart spouted such nonsense. I guess she wanted them around. Is there anything competent about someone who doesn't realize that other successful democracies continue their war on drugs? How can she speak of fighting poverty if she's not even in for economic reforms?

What also needs to be addressed is does Lewis know the real situation in the Philippines? She's enjoying the benefits of the first world United States while the Philippines is the third world no thanks to economic protectionism. How long has it been since she was in the Philippines to fully know the situation? How dare she talk like she knows who should sit and who shouldn't? I guess that's why ABiaS-CBN didn't air any other ads except that of the Liberal Party because of the Yellowtard Mentality. If she wants to show how good Mar and Leni are she should let them govern an island full of natives first. If she can make the island progressive then Filipinos should listen to her. If not, she should just shut up because she's not helping the Philippines.