PNoys Love to Use Tragedies For Their Own Selfish Agenda

Happy Ninoy Aquino Day or should I say PNoy Pride day anyone? I don't know if I should believe every negative story about him. There is one thing is certain that his only son Nobita Aquino is definitely no hero. It's more than time to accept that PNoy Pride is killing the Philippines. It's disgusting at how tragedies are used to fuel PNoy imperialism. So what really happened? The late Ninoy's true killer isn't the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. who arranged for his heart operation. Some sources even say that Marcos Sr. may have chosen his political rival Ninoy to succeed him. Some suggest that the real murderer was even his own cousin-in-law Danding Cojuangco. After his death it was used to take advantage of another issue namely how it fueled both the presidency of the extremely inexperienced the late Corazon C. Aquino and later to further bring his son Nobita into power.

The problem didn't die with Ninoy's death. In fact, his death was just the beginning of the use of tragedies to fuel PNoy Imperialism. This isn't just limited to grieving widows like Leni Loud Robredo (and maybe Korina Sanchez-Roxas may be next) but also with the recent Kian Delos Santos tragedy. It makes me go WTF when they decided to blame President Rodrigo R. Duterte immediately or the war on drugs. What they fail to consider is that there are still other alternatives to what caused Delos Santos' death. It was probably done by corrupt policemen (such as what happened to Jee Ick Joo) and not at the orders of General Bato Dela Rosa. Remember that there was such a mess left by Alan La Madrid Impurisima. Impurisima was guilty of a lot of graft and corruption charges which led to the police force decaying. PNO General Bato himself is left with a mess that he couldn't complete himself. Sometimes, it might be best for Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. and PNP General Bato to get all the hope they can get to help significantly lower down PNP anomalies.

Tragedies are tragedies no matter how you put it to and to together. No tragedies should be used for political gain. Right now, the protest done by groups like Resbak Operatives for Kian is a huge case of barking at the wrong tree. The problem isn't the war on drugs but there are factors like corrupt policemen allied with drug syndicates, policemen who are lazy and want t be big shots or arranged killings assuming Kian himself was innocent. Getting angry at a tragedy and voicing against it is good but doing it for political agenda is simply uncalled for.


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