Kris Aquino's Relevance Is Dying And Why It's Good For The Philippines

I remembered writing an article on Kris TV last 2015 when it was still Noynoy Aquino's reign. But it's already 2017 and PNoy Pride has lost its relevance. I remembered how Kris Aquino didn't get a timeslot from their ally network ABiaS-CBN. You can think that Kris going to Hollywood was just a rumor. Just think about it... Kris' relevance to the Philippine setting or maybe for the whole world is already a dying trend.

As her relevance is dying then think about the benefits it will bring for the country. You can think about it that with nobody listening to her then it's the start of getting Filipinos back on their feet. The Liberal Party can be trapped in their own echo chamber. No amount of propaganda from her is ever going to keep their empire alive. Not even her could get Leila Dilemma any more support. Even better, you can think that the chances of her getting a seat in office or even a third Aquino presidency under her is dropping down at a rapid rate.

Filipinos badly needed to to stop watching Kris TV and do their homework for years. But having no Kris TV may be just the beginning of the change Filipinos badly needed. Think about how more and more Filipinos are seeing the lies that they were taught for years. Like Jim Paredes of the long disbanded APO Hiking Society she has lost her relevance. She better face these words "LAOS KA NA KRIS!"


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