Stop Watching Kris Aquino's Shows And FOCUS ON YOUR HOMEWORK PEOPLE!!!!

Even before the start of the President Nobita Administration and it was still during Ramos, Cory, Sherap and Gloria, I still can't forget how Kris Aquino has become a weapon of mass distraction and so are a lot of the faulty TV shows in general. While I may not full agree with Get Real Philippines (and vice versa), I could still say that Ilda is right to say that a love for shallow TV shows is indeed a huge problem. Besides, who put the morons into power in the first place than the people themselves?

What's with Kris Aquino and why am I irritated to see her face? It just reminds me of the time I was in high school, Kris TV is a problem. I entered College, Kris TV (a term I can use for Kris Aquino's shows) is still a problem. Back in high school, I still can't forget my science teacher when she said, "Oh let Kris Aquino help you if I have no other choice but to fail you." In another scenario, a College professor of mine said, "Wow, you are putting Deal or No Deal over your studies? Let Kris Aquino help you if I decide to fail you." My reaction to that? Eh-di wow talaga!

I don't know whether this is true but I really assume why a lot of Filipino students are becoming Failipino students is also because of Kris TV. In spite of Kris' questionable lifestyle as a homewrecker and as a person who can't even follow simple guidelines, people sympathize with the idiot (ex. sympathy is given to her instead of the wife of her boyfriend) regardless what she does and imitate her stupidity nonetheless. Now I could understand the trauma she passed through but that does not excuse what she does. Instead of doing their homework properly, the act like as if they know her.

What can be seen in too many cases is how I can observe how stupid people are becoming with Kris TV like during the time she was on Deal or No Deal. I couldn't forget a stupid incident at least in my own personal experience, a daughter SLAPPED her mother when the latter scolded her about her grades and that she was so focused on Kris TV. Though I only heard of it, I went WTF with the incident considering that, come on, is Kris TV really all that important? Unfortunately, many Filipinos have the tendency to act like as if the celebrities know them. Sad to say but these study habits are developed into such a way that wrecks the mind in more than one level.

When I meant by doing your homework, I am not only limiting it to schoolwork but also, any work your boss might require of you or three, to see the real issues. Unfortunately, Kris TV is a real weapon of mass distraction. It's distracting people from real issues like (1) traffic and flooding particularly in Imperial Manila, (2) the military power of the Philippines cannot withstand an invasion, (3) the high crime rates here and there, (4) the high prices of utility given by the oligarchy, (5) high unemployment rate no thanks to economic overprotectionism, (6) unpreparedness for any natural disasters, (7) legalized theft in the Philippine government left and right. and (8) people who don't even want to follow simple guidelines, who even want to commit suicide if they have to follow the rules. That is just a partial list of things that NEED to be rendered.

Unfortunately, Kris TV is indeed an opium of today's society. When I ask somebody why do they even watch Kris TV aside from the poor excuse that it's "educational", I also receive the statement that, "Not only does it get me entertained, I also forget my problems in the process." Whiel I can go ahead and ignore an Internet troll or a stubborn fantard away by not responding to their idiocy, however not all problems can be ignored. It's really time to focus on what really matters and not on trivial issues. If people would just stop watching Kris TV and do their homework, then maybe the Philippines can have a real great leap forward.


  1. Not only is KriSTD the problem but Failipino TV in general, especially those telebasuras and noontime shows by those stupid networks......


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