It's Really Stupid How The Dilawans Bootlick The U.S. While They Love Economic Protectionism

Happy Philippine-American friendship day anyone? 

Dilawans who are known as the supporters of the Liberal Party and the Aquinos have their self-contradictory ultranationalism. Perhaps some of them think that to be "truly Filipino" your allegiance must be to the Aquino. I wonder is part of being a PNoy nationalist is that every Pinoy must prefer everything American to everything else? In short, is the PNoy version of nationalism something that requires every Pinoy to be an American bootlicker? While this is isn't a call to be anti-American but I'm once again calling out the hypocrisy of the Dilawans. They favor the U.S. while they stick to economic protectionism. Do they even realize that the U.S. progressed through free trade and not through protectionism?

Let's take a look back and forth at the Dilawan networks like ABiaS-CBN and Studio 23. Do you remember the 90s assuming you were a child in the 90s? I have had mixed feelings about ABiaS-CBN's airing of Mighty Morphin' instead of Zyuranger. I felt like it "ruined" my childhood at the same time I feel "thankful" because of all the super lousy Tagalog dubs they to do the non-English foreign shows. Worse, they are now always dubbing everything in Tagalog. I noticed at how the Dilawan networks favor everything American to everything else. In fact, I blame them to why Super Sentai has been missing in action ever since. These networks keep favoring the Americanized version over the Japanese version. Then again, if the Japanese originals that have American versions were aired in the Philippines again then they will still suffer from the bad dubbing done by the Dilawan Networks. 

It gave me a thought whether or not the Dilawans want the Philippines to be forever a beggar and a lapdog to the U.S. for all time. Do they want Pinoys to be forever relying on America whenever they need something? Do they think that the only hope for Pinays is to marry an American even if that guy is broke when there are good Pinoys who aren't broke? Whether it's the OFW program or the whole Philippines will call on the U.S. every time there's danger (ex. the conflict with China over Spratlys). I guess that's why they want to maintain economic protectionism. If Filipinos remain with much less opportunities for work within their country then they can easily spread the whole "I love being a lapdog of America" mentality. What's worse is that did they even consider how the U.S. itself is also a bully state? It's stupid to complain about that China is a bully state while bootlicking another bully state namely the U.S. because a bully state is a bully state. Garbage is garbage regardless if it's local or imported. 

If they want to be consistent why don't they decide to break ties with the U.S. and have ties with Venezuela and North Korea? As I mentioned in an earlier post every Dilawan in Samsung Philippines should consider resigning and working to create Koryolink Philippines. Also, they should avoid doing anything with the U.S. because it's a country that enjoyed the benefits of economic liberalization for some time. That also means Manang Loida should consider leaving the United States and move to Venezuela because she's protecting a group that loves economic protectionism. That means they should invite Venezuela instead of the U.S. to invest in the Philippines and ban all foreign franchises from countries that benefit from free trade. Hmmm talk about the hypocrisy of hating free trade while enjoying its benefits