VP Leni Robredo Should Realize That Economic Protectionism Can't Beat Poverty And Joblessness

Make no mistake. I do agree with Vice President Leni Robredo's statement that joblessness and poverty are indeed the "bigger war". The war on drugs is a result of joblessness and poverty. But here's one problem. The Liberal Party's loyalty is more to one's party than to the country. Let me ask is your symbol a yellow ribbon or the Filipino flag? If you answered yellow ribbon then why don't you form your own separate state for PNoys?

Let's take a review to how the 1987 Constitution ended up encouraging more poverty and joblessness with the rule of 60/40. Every time I discuss economic liberalization, I only get statements that it will allow foreigners to invade the Philippines and enslave Filipinos. Don't tell me it's better to be enslaved by your fellow Filipino than to be under a foreign master who treats you better? They also say that only foreigners will get rich all the while they dream of going to countries that benefited from free trade. I usually love to tell them that if they love protectionism then they should book their next flight to either North Korea or Venezuela to see how protectionism "benefited" these countries.

The problem that VP Leni is facing right now is that she's just too hooked up with the Liberal Party's interests than the country's interests. Has being a Liberal Party member all been about the Rule of Aquino or the Rule of Yellow? Has being a Liberal Party member been all about submitting to the whims of self-proclaimed Queen Loida Nicolas Lewis? Just listening to Mrs. Lewis talk that President Rodrigo R. Duterte should step down is something. Let me ask that Mrs. Lewis on whether or not she owns the Philippines and where are her papers? No, the Philippines is for Filipinos. It's not just Liberal Party. It's not just that idiot Jim Parada who acted like he owned EDSA Avenue and the EDSA Revolution never mind he's now an Australian Citizen.

Let's put it in this situation. Why is the theory of self-industrialization actually self-refuting? It doesn't take a genius to figure it out. Just read how China progressed not from Maoism but from Dengism. The Empire of Japan became poor during the Tokugawa Era's ultranationalist polics but became progressive with the Meiji era's economic liberalization. A comparison of North Korea's attempt at self-industrialization vs. South Korea's acceptance of Foreign Direct Investment will prove Heneral Lunatic wrong any day.

So why were the majority of the Liberal Party removed? It's all about balance. Former Liberal Party senator Panfilo "Ping" Lacson Sr. did the right thing to do it for balance. What's even funnier is that Senator Risa Hontevirus ended up saying that the reshuffle made Senate more stronger and independent. I don't know what stand Senator Hontiveros has as of right now but if it means removing mentally ill Antonio Trollanes IV and can't make up his mind Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan or Mr. Sharon Cuneta then it may be for the best. It also might mean Bum Aquino could consider dumping the Aquino First Policy or waste all his brilliance for a useless cause.

Are the Liberal Party fighting for democracy as #ChangeScamming, #SilentNoMore and other Yellowtard propangada claim? No, it's rather for the interest of the Liberal Party than the well-being of the Philippines as a country. If you're to be democratic then why limit the power to Liberal Party or the Aquinos? A democracy under the Aquino Empire is a defective democracy. What Filipinos need are proper boundaries to make sure that democracy doesn't run out of control and become a democrazy.