It's More Than Time To Blast Non-Inquirer, ABiaS-CBN, Crappler And All Pro-Oligarch Media For Their Biased News Coverage

Do you remember the time when when President Rodrigo R. Duterte made the mistake of comparing himself to Adolf Hitler? As much as I think he shouldn't have done it (and he later apologized for doing it) but there was the problem of biased media coverage. If those biased media think that they're fighting for democracy then they're dead wrong. While there is the right to the freedom of speech and freedom of expression but misusing and abusing them are like playing with fire and electricity. That's why it's more than time to blast the pro-oligarch media for showing only half-truths and sensationalizing events. 

Let me ask is this even a headline or just sensationalism? They could have put "Duterte Compares Himself to Hitler" instead of "Heil Digong?" in relation to President Duterte's mistake of comparing himself to Hitler. I'm even thinking that the newspaper company should be charged with treason.

I used to read Rappler or should I call it Crappler a lot until I found out all it does is glorify the PNoy Empire. Rappler's CEO Maria Ressa who was former CNN Bureau Chief and former head ABiaS-CBN's news department is losing her relevancy. I guess it's no surprise that CNN would feature Leila Dilemma after learning the connection that they may have with Ressa. Crappler has lost its credibility with its biased outlook where only the Aquinos and their associates are right. I remembered reading the Rurouni Kenshin coverage from Rappler when I still didn't know it was actually an Aquinotard network. 

Did you  see a biased coverage of what Jim Paredes did at EDSA? One can take a look at the ABiaS-CBN footage vs. the whole video to see the difference. ABiaS-CBN decided to show only what was convenient for them. It's pretty much like having a full video but you say, "STOP THE CLIP!" whenever it's convenient to the person using the clip. Then it's time to "roll the rest of the clip" and "stop the clip".  The whole affair with Paredes himself was clipped to make him look like a good guy never mind that he's shown he's the one who's trolling. The Duterte Youth just answered him politely and Paredes showed

Why I stopped getting news from ABiaS-CBN is because of their love of sensationalism. I can't forget how Noli De Castro loves making aswang reports. I want the news and I want what happened and not some sensationalist or tabloid journalism. That's why I'm thankful that Mar Roxas didn't become president. Imagine it what if Korina Sanchez-Roxas were the First Lady of the Philippines. It would mean Filipinos would not only have to endure her nagging attitude but also more and more stupidity because her husband would tolerate it.

We also have how ABiaS-CBN's focus only on Aquino Empire or should we now call it the Empire of Loida? The way Loida Nicolas Lewis speaks is like as if she's purchased all 7,107 islands when she said President Duterte should resign. Please, for her information the name of the Philippines is Philippines and its residents are called FILIPINOS. The Philippines' name is not Hacienda Loida nor are Filipinos obliged to follow her because they're Filipinos and not Loidapinos. If the Liberal Party is selling the Philippines to Loida Nicolas Lewis then they can be charged with treason. It's no different than selling any Philippine territory to any neighboring country. 

Maybe I should mention how often ABiaS-CBN News Channel actually did this misleading analysis saying that the PSEI had the highest performance during the reign of Noynoy and lowest during the reign of Sherap. They now say that it's President Duterte's fault that the performance went down by 2.5% during the first 100 days. A lot of factors affect the stock market and the price of commodities. It's not just the president or the government but also the whole world market. I may not be an economist but stock market performances are affected by interest rates, economic outlook, inflation and deflation, economic and political status, economic policies, and currency appreciation and depreciation. 

While ANIC says we're "Asia's next miracle" but I was among the many to be deceived by judging everything by growth rate. Let's think about how growth rate is not the only thing you need to measure for performance. Let's say that the Philippines has a score of 1/10 followed by a 5/10 while Japan has a score of 9/10 followed by a 8/10. It would look like the Philippines is doing better but the total score is only 6/20 while Japan's score is 17/20. While there were some economic improvements under Noynoy but now the question is how was it used?

The war is still raging on and there's a war for reforms. Filipinos for change can't afford to back down. They must continue the battle against these B.S. pro-oligarch media. 


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