Filipinos Fighting For Constitutional Reform For A Better Philippines Are Also New Heroes!

Forget about the, "All OFWs are the new heroes." hype because that's not true. While some OFWs are indeed new heroes but others are just Okay Fine Whatever that's why many of them remain poor. There's NOTHING heroic about working abroad, feeding leeches and starting the cycle all over again. But do you know who are among the new heroes of the Philippines? I'm not just going to focus on Filipinos who show the world that the Philippines can achieve something by winning competitions and contributing to knowledge but also Filipinos who are fighting for a better Philippines. They're new heroes not only because they follow simple guidelines but also they're fighting to make the Philippines a better place.

Even if the rule of Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino has ended but there are still plenty of yellow sympathizers everywhere. The new Pinoy heroes must not let down their guard. In the quest to defeat the 1987 Constitution's provision, they must spread the fact that Noynoy was not the best president of the Philippines. In the quest for a better Philippines, there is no such thing as victory without a struggle, a fight without opposition and a life without challenges and problems. The yellow sympathizers are still everywhere trying to protect their beloved Noynoy and the flawed provisions of the 1987 Constitution. Remember that the "true strength" of PNoy Pridists come their being macho and stupid. It's a battle of the mind that takes place between enlightened Pinoys and those who still choose to remain with whatever stupidity has caused the Philippines to stumble.

There's always enemies of change like the Robleses and the Monsods who'll do anything to avoid correcting the faulty constitution. The battle against the Robleses and the Monsods must involve showing how nations benefited from economic liberalization and parliamentary-federal system for a better Philippines. One must realize that 7,107 islands under a unitary rule isn't practical. Malaysia's shift to parliamentary-federal has been one of the best moves ever. The Philippines can learn from Malaysia and Singapore aside from Deng Xiaoping's model for a better China. Filipinos who have learned the truth can now combat the Robleses and the Monsods by aggressively presenting the facts and figures. I'm thankful a lot of Filipinos have placed Richard J. Gordon back into the Senate. They need more Senators who truly care about making the Philippines a better country. 

The new heroes of the Philippines have their mission to spread the truth against Heneral Lunatic's ideology of self-industrialization. First world countries didn't industrialize because it's just impossible to do so. Heneral Lunatic is telling you to study faulty history books over reliable ones. The more you study history and economics, the more you realize that self-industrialization is just a fantasy. It's just a lie that those ultranationalists like Neri Colmenares are doing to keep their power. Keeping Filipinos stupid and ignorant makes them easy tools for those activists. Filipinos who realize that self-industrialization is a lie are not likely to keep adhering to ultranationalistic policies that are ruining the Philippines!

A challenge that these new Filipino heroes face is that a lot of Filipinos may need to be reeducated about the basic economic principles. They must be told that all the lies of the 1987 Constitution and the ultranationalists are just there to keep them stupid. They must be asked the question that if the 1987 Constitution was so good then why are there still a lot of OFWs and less employment opportunities for Filipinos? If Filipinos are not given the right information then it's easy for those ultranationalists and/or Noytards to continue to tell them to oppose changes for a better Philippines. They must prove by using actual data that the Philippines can't stay with the faulty 1987 Constitution if they really want progress. The problem is many want progress but don't want to change the 1987 Constitution. That's another challenge for the new heroes.

The battle never ends and one must always remember that life is a continuous battlefield. The problem may be society itself. The moment people give up that battle is the moment society collapses. When that happens, one must remember to fight the stupidity prevalent in society by any civil means necessary without coddling impunity. A good example is Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. and PNP Chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa in his latest war against crime. If you want to know why Aguirre covered his ears during Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago's tirade, it was because he was simply frustrated with her lack of self-control and not that he defended the impunity of the prosecution panel. Yes, he's a victim - a victim of society that majors in the minors when they decided to hold a caucus about his minor offense rather than administer immediate admonition to him the next day. Then some time later, he came back in his best behavior during the SAF-44 hearing. That's a picture of what it means to be civil in one's war against crime. Aguirre may be mild-mannered as opposed to Santiago's fiery temper but he's definitely not the new hero for impunity lovers. Sorry impunity lovers, he's not your new hero.