The Stupidity Behind The Canonizing of Executed Failipino Criminals Abroad!

Canonizing means to uplift the status of anyone to be an officially recognized saint or a great person, in short posthumous merit. Flor Contemplacion's death anniversary has reached its 20th year (by the 30th, you might find more people still embracing her as a martyr than a murderer), I felt like writing this article.  Of course, March itself is Victim Card Mentality Month and I felt like the three drug mules executed last March 30, 2010 were canonized.  Any decent Filipino/Pinoy would go against the Failipino habit of canonizing executed Failipino criminals abroad.

Although Flor Contemplacion has been long dead, hence I refer to as the late Flor, I have observed the blunder of the Ramos presidency was in calling her a heroine, giving her a state burial and just a few months later, a screwed up, hyper-fabricated movie based on her was made in her honor.  Two of the late Flor's sons Joel and Jun-Jun (who were identical twins) starred as themselves in the movie. The whole movie was celebrated as a masterpiece, yes a masterpiece of lies that had made everyone forget that she was indeed a murderer and NOT a martyr.  You can go ahead and accuse me of being unnationalistic but I am here to expose how stupid it is to canonize executed Failipino criminals abroad.  If the rallies for the release of guilty Filipinos, useless inter-state appeals for pardon (I mean, when will people realize it's useless?) of GUILTY Filipinos (who are better called Failipinos because they disgrace decent Filipinos) are stupid... then I can also write against the stupidity of canonizing such low lives who were executed abroad.  How many times does it have to be emphasized, "You do the crime, you do the time.  You mess it up, you clean it up?"

What does the activity of canonizing executed Failipino criminals look like to the eyes of decent Pinoys and Filipinos?  It seems Failipinos have the idea just because one is Pinoy or of Filipino descent, that means he or she can do no wrong, right?  It really gets annoying to how this continues to go on and on.  I would really put a lot of blame that idiot hag Etta Rosales of the Commission on Human Rights, better called as Criminals Have Rights for her habitual stupidity just like how she calls execution of the worst criminals as an "art of barbarism".  At the same time, why do they insist that these drug mules were just victims and didn't know what they were doing?  It's already getting old and I really, really don't want to buy it a little bit.  Common sense tells us that drug mules would know what they are bringing, if not why do they take such extra precautions to carry their stocks of narcotics right?  Such activities are just wrong and they DO NOT make life worth living in the Philippines for every decent Pinoy.  Every decent Pinoy is already fed up with how these Failipinos continue to run down the Philippines in the name of "nationalism".

At the same time, the idea of canonizing executed Failipino criminals can give several negative impressions about the Philippines in itself.  It will continue to give the impression that the Philippines is a nation that views crime as virtue.   Again, isn't the Philippines really run by a criminal government and the oligarchy?  The Marcos years laid the foundation of decay, the foundation still continues because the Cory Administration while it restored democracy, it was not an effective democracy.  It's only natural for criminals to defend each other unless they belong to rival factions (like the Marcoses and the Aquinos) right?    I don't find it surprising illegal Chinese consider it to be "More Fun in the Philippines" because they can just pay customs, pay for illegal protection, recruit Failipinos to do their dirty work and they can probably go malling in SM, drink Mango Shake while swimming in a pool while their willing drug mules take all the blame right?