Let Ballots Containing 25% Shaded Votes For Leni Robredo Pass Through NON-TAMPERED VOTING MACHINES

It's time to take the Yellowtard camp to its challenge in its desire to honor the 25% shading. They want to use electronic voting? Then it may be more than time to use it against them with non-tampered voting machines. Here's what I suggest. Let all those ballots that are found to contain a 25% shaded circle for Leni Robredo be allowed to pass through non-tampered PCOS Machines.

Here's the basic rule. Anything less than 100% in the shading is against instructions. The reason why these circles have to be fully shaded is because there's a code that follows with it. This may be the best scrutiny against the 25% shaded ballots. Get those non-tampered voting machines and have those ballots that contain a 25% shaded vote for Leni pass through them. It would be time to see if the voting machines will even honor votes for Leni that didn't pass the proper shading guideline to start with. 

So what's next? Will Leni and her group ask the non-tampered voting machines to honor any coding that it can't interpret? Hmmm... this would be interesting. 


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