Which Is More Important: Dengvaxia's Danger VS. CRappler's Crap?

It just gets tiresome to think about how the Liberal Party always has frequently its misplaced priorities. One of these now involve the problem of Dengvaxia vs. Rappler. Let's face it which is more important? CRappler's license at the SEC as a media company or the Dengvaxia case? CRappler a company which is one-sided journalism (while lying that they are "independent") or would it be the Dengvaxia case? 

This really reminds me of the whole problem of Jim Paredes and Raissa Espinosa-Robles. Instead of tracing back the Dengvaxia problem to where it began (with their idol, Noynoy Aquino) they decided to that's right - blame it on President Duterte. Just when did the Dengvaxia enter? Noynoy or President Duterte? Hmmm... trying to avoid the blame again aren't they? And where's their move for the whole Dengvaxia fiasco? Why no comment on the severity of the issue? Please, stop giving me the usual excuse that Atty. Chito Gascon loves to make about that CHR should only investigate crimes done by policemen and soldiers

It's more than time to ask on which is more important. Maria Ressa's whining and bitching rights or the 830,000 (and possibly more) Filipino children whose lives are in danger after they were injected with the botched Dengvaxia vaccine? Fortunately, Atty. Persida Rueda V. Acosta is doing her job investigating all human rights violations. With that in mind, isn't it any wonder why the Liberal Party is losing its relevance to the point they have to lie to fake expert foreigners who KNOW NOTHING about the reality of the Philippines?


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