Marawi May Never Survive Under President Mar Roxas And Vice President Antonio Trillanes

It's been a few days since Omar Matae and Isnilon Hapilon both got caught in the crossfire. While I believe it's still best to assess the situation before lifting up constitutionally declared martial law but I can't help but wonder what could have happened if Mar Roxas and Antonio Trillanes IV were both president and vice president.

Who can remember the lines Marbobo once said, "Bahala na kayo sa buhay niyo!" or "You're own your own with your life." whenever he gets into a disagreement or inconvenience? Who can remember the FAILED coup that Trollanes once planned to overthrow former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo? It could be time to consider what these two could have done that may worsen Marawi's situation with the Matae terrorists.

We could consider that the current constitution still supports martial law. While some may say that Marbobo may not declare martial law but what if he did? Martial law means putting military intervention when civilian peacekeeping authorities can no longer perform their duties. This may be martial law that may end up getting misused and abused by President Marbobo. He might use the military to bully the people of Marawi instead of helping them out with the Matae terrorist attacks. This may be an uglier picture than the martial law abuses done during the Marcos Years.

There are many ways that this martial law declared by President Marbobo could bungle itself up. Maybe Jim Paredes will tweet, "Martial under under Marcos is bad. Martial law under Mar is good." Then he will be there to head operations in Marawi. But the question is can he lead his troops? If he can't even delegate work then how can he be a great leader? Chances are he will become Boy Sundalo and allow himself to get a picture that he is fighting the Matae terrorists with the Philippine Army. He may even request for the assistance of former PNP Chief Alan Purisima or Vice President Trollanes never mind the two are highly incompetent.

So let's say that it's June 12, 2017 and President Marbobo doesn't want to miss a single flag raising ceremony because Noynoy Aquino never did. He may leave his post and maybe he will ask for Vice President Trollanes to take over operations or leave the soldiers behind. It may end up like what happened with SAF-44 where important information was withheld. If Vice President Trollanes can't even lead his coup properly then how can he lead the Philippine soldiers in subduing the Matae terrorist mess? The other possible alternative is that both President Marbobo and Vice President Trollanes will leave the Marawi soldiers without proper command resulting to their demise.

If ever President Marbobo was in Marawi and missed the flag raising he may end up acting as Boy Sundalo. This may end up with more than 55 fallen soldiers under his command. It may end up with him being shot dead by the Matae terrorists. This may also mean that Vice President Trollanes will become President Trollanes because the presidential system gives no other alternatives except the incumbent vice president should something happen to the president. Worse, letting President Trollanes take charge may also mean Marawi's demise because of his poor leadership skills.

What do you think of this hypothetical scenario?


  1. Kung ako kay Trilling, magsama sila ni Babalu Reyes! Gawa na lang sila ng yaoi film, and it'll sell hotcakes!


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