Good Thing Kris Aquino Doesn't Have A Mini-Me To Ruin Things Further

I haven't thought of writing this one but I felt like writing about Kris Aquino again. Her relevance may be dying but the local media of the Philippines still wants to push it on the faces even when more and more Filipinos are getting tired of her nonsense. Right now, she even wants to brag about Bimby Aquino Yap's grades. While I have to commend his grades but that's not important. Most of the time, it's best to keep it to herself.

Right now, I'm just thankful Kris Aquino doesn't have a mini-me or a daughter. Who could imagine the disaster if Kris had a split copy of herself with just anyone? It would be totally utter chaos if she had one. I could imagine what if she had a little version of herself born from her womb. It would be disaster to have a little Kris Aquino running around causing trouble and momma would be proud of such bad behavior.

After all, I already consider it triple the disaster that the reigning epal queen Leni Loud Robredo has three daughters though they're a mix between her and their deceased father Jesse Robredo. If I'm not wrong, one of her daughters wants to be like Kris which is a bad thing. If Leni Loud is raising her three princesses to be epal princesses then consider how much Kris would bring disaster if she gave birth to a future epal queen.


  1. It's also a relief that Kris has no daughter, because if she has, then the Philippines would accept a skank as a role model.


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