Some Filipinos Tend To Bootlick The United States Of America

As I said I'm not anti-American but what I'm really against is the culture of overrating American culture or worse bootlicking the United States of America to the point where its overly dependent ally. While I have nothing against American stuff since I do go to McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, I enjoy the American influence brought in by Filipino businessmen (ex. Jollibee, Yellow Cab Pizza), I still watch some American shows, I'm still on the Internet but what's wrong is when one becomes an American bootlicker. It's like there's a thin line between colonial mentality and preferring some things foreign over local stuff that are badly made.

One good example of a dangerous U.S. bootlicker might be Fil-Am leader Manang Loida Nicolas-Lewis on why she keeps insisting on letting President Duterte step down or why she even said that Marbobo Roxas and Leni Loud Robredo are the best bet for 2016. I think she actually enjoys her status as an American bootlicker. After all, didn't her late husband the African-American Regiland Lewis leave her with a lot of wealth when he died? I guess she likes being the lapdog of the democrat party of the United States. What's so hypocritical of her is that she endorses Daang Matuwid's economic protectionism while she, her two daughters and her grandchildren enjoy the benefits of free trade because she married Lewis many years back. The same goes for the Dilawans who don't want to open up the economy while bootlicking the U.S.A.

While I don't call for any form of ultranationalistic views but favoring any nationality is still a problem. The most common one has been bootlicking and favoring the United States. I could still recall how my childhood may have been ruined by an overflow of U.S. media day in and day out. A huge part of me is probably still upset why our TV stations tend to love putting in a lot of Americanized versions of Japanese shows even when they can put both. The problem is that maybe just maybe MTRCB has followed the sissified censorship of the U.S. which makes viewers' minds not to accept the harsh reality of life. I beg to differ and say is the U.S. the only country in the world? Isn't there still other countries such as South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan?

This is a call to balance between national sovereignty and one's relationship with foreigners. I'm not calling Filipinos to have anti-American stupidity like Renato Reyes Jr. of the Makabobo who was last seen drinking a Coke float. It's all about getting out of the status as America's lapdog. Alliances with American is okay as long as everyone treats each other as partners and not in a master/lapdog relationship. This is all about trying to become less dependent on the U.S. for help and being able to stand on its own. This is why I'm in for economic liberalization where foreign investors will be allowed to invest in the Philippines under the umbrella of its local government. If the Philippines will be economically liberated then it can be less dependent on foreign governments. In turn it will help gather more employment and income for the Filipino government as a result.