Who Agrees That Renato Reyes Jr. And His Makabobo Comrades Should Be In Jail?

Considering that President Rodrigo R. Duterte is having his SONA it should be time to consider the activist group Makabayan este Makabobo. The mere thought of Renato Reyes Jr.'s business of doing rallies is something anyone and not just Filipinos should mention. It doesn't take a political analyst or a criminologist to figure out that Reyes and his fellow Makabobo comrades are people who should be jailed big time for several offenses.

What several offenses can be named against Makabobo? Let's face it these rallies are a continuous source of public disturbance. He and his fellow officers at Makabobo should be charged with corrupting the youth with their agenda. This can also be linked to treason and sedition. Treason because they always incite people to rebel against the current authority. Sedition because they are inciting the public to rebel against the government. Those offenses that I just mentioned don't require a criminologist or political analyst to see that these people should be in jail.

What do you think? Do you want to see those idiotic members of Makabobo in jail?


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