Do Yellow Loyalists Ever Consider That They're Also Endangering Their Loved Ones With Their Stupidity?

Here's a picture of CHR Chairman Cheato Gascon with his daughter. He's a family man and he should know better than to defend the right to impunity. I thought about how he frequently criticizes the current president in his quest to defend impunity. Gascon as well as those before him like Etta Rosales and Leila Dilemma have focused on defending criminal rights over the rights of law-abiding citizens. But as the CHR defends impunity have the Dilawan ever considered that their actions could harm their loved ones. Hmmm... I wonder if Gascon ever considered his actions would endanger his wife and child. Let's also raise up other examples to at least knock some sense into their heads.

Let's give a minute to think about the motherhood status of Epal Queen Leni Loud Robredo. I thought about her support of that idiot Agnes Callamard who dares to say that there's no evidence that shabu leads to violence. Okay, let's think about it what if one of all of Leni Loud's three daughters get raped or assaulted by shabu addicts? If they survive do you think they can live through it? How would Leni want to be an early grandmother with an unwanted child? How would she like it if her three daughters end in a vicious case of rape-slay by shabu addicts? Has she ever thought that her actions may lead to her own daughters' welfare getting into danger or is she too dumb to think about it? Let's also name other examples in the next paragraph since there's more than just Leni Loud to talk about. 

Raissa Espinosa-Robles herself loves to cry out martial law with the curfew for minors. I assume that Raissa herself is already a grandmother since she's the mother-in-law of Pia Granada-Robles of Crappler. I thought about it that she's a mother on how would she like it if any of her children got a severe tragedy all because she allows them to stay out late at night? What if any grandchildren she may have right now gets kidnapped and assaulted due to a lack of peace and order? I could also raise up Dilemma who has two grandchildren. I wonder how she'd feel if her grandchildren ever got kidnapped by thugs. Jim Paredes could consider how would he like it if his grandchildren from Australia had a vacation in the Philippines only for them to get kidnapped by criminals? How would Kris Aquino feel if her two sons by different fathers Joshua Salvador and Bimby Yap get kidnapped for ransom? How would Edcel Lagman feel if his children and grandchildren all get killed by terrorists? How would Risa Hontivirus-Baraquel feel if all her daughters get sexually assaulted? This is just a few examples that I want to raise up especially with how much of whiners they are. 

It's time to raise this concern towards the Liberal Party. Are they considering that their actions are already putting their loved ones in danger whenever they condone to a culture of impunity? Think about it!