Dear PNoy Pridists, Where's The Evidence That Duterte Supporters Are Binayaran?!

It seems to be a typical bad Filipino habit to accuse anyone who disagrees with you to be a bayaran or paid troll. Some President Duterte supporters need to be careful not to become Dutertards in how they support the president.  They should stop calling him "tatay" and start addressing him simply as Mr. President. While Duterte supporters need to stop assuming everyone who makes anti-Duterte posts are all binayaran but hasn't it become a trend that some PNoys are accusing Duterte supporters of being bayaran?

Some PNoys (bayaran or not) have decided to use an Oxford study which may not even be approved at all. Here's what I found from Forum Philippines which questions the credibility of the study. If the study is even a fake, whoever wrote it should be discredited for fraud:

First: The study claimed that Digong’s team of 400 to 500 cyber troops post nationalistic and pro-government comments and interact with dissenters through harassment and individual targeting like verbal abuse, hate speech, discrimination and/or trolling against the values, beliefs or identity of a user. But as in the AMATEURISH STYLE of his detractors, there was NO BASIS for the supposed 400 to 500 cyber troops --- WHO SAID SO AND BASED ON WHAT, NO NAMES, LOCATIONS or SOCIAL MEDIA GROUPS wherein pro-Digong posts are supposedly done and his people allegedly harass and target dissenters. As in NOTHING than the mere WORDS OF OXFORD!

Second: NO BASIS on the supposed $200,000 or P10 million paid to supposed trolls – SAYS WHO AND HOW CREDIBLE OR AUTHORITATIVE was the source, HOW MUCH did each alleged troll got and how was the payment made, when did the payments start and who was the paymaster… as kids say nowadays, NGANGA!

Third: The study said in 2016, “keyboard trolls” were hired to spread propaganda for Duterte, and many of them continue to amplify messages in support of this policies. But NOT A SINGLE TROLL, or FAKE ACCOUNT, and the social media sites or groups these supposed impostors use, WAS NAMED OR IDENTIFIED.

Hopefully people more qualified than I am can further explain why the "study" isn't even credible. Is Marbobo Roxas going to use it to file an electoral protest when he clearly lost the 2016 elections? I suspect that because Bongbong Marcos is now filing his electoral protest against Feeling VP Leni Loud Robredo that maybe, just maybe Marbobo is plannng a counter move. What if Marbobo is planning to steal the presidency from President Duterte? If so he's being very stupid if he plans to use a failed study as "evidence" for any electoral protest he might be planning behind the scenes. If that's so then who's guilty of a nefarious scheme right now?

Why I find this very stupid is also because this study may end up spilling the beans of the Dilawan Empire. If they can't provide any evidence for the cyber troops or even any evidence of money that was paid to these Duterte supporters or any real evidence then something is wrong. Whoever made that study should be expelled from Oxford together with the professors who approved of such a faulty study. If it's not from Oxford then Oxford should sue the person who made the study. The "evidence" is as faulty as this picture...

This is a picture that was taken when President Duterte was asleep way before the Marawi incident. We have PNoy trolls spread the propaganda from pages like Silent No More, Change Scamming, Madam Claudia, Resbak Operatives, The Silent Majority and Pepeng Makabayan. Some of these photoshops involve pictures that were taken way before the second SONA or the Marawi Crisis. A lot of them even spread very unbelievable information. So don't tell me these PNoy networks weren't spreading fake news? While they may not be necessarily bayaran but they are certainly certified trolls who'd do anything to uphold the Empire of Aquino. They still want to believe that they are the #SilentMajority even when their empire is now crumbling. They'll do everything by hook or by crook to revive their dying empire.