The "Bayaran Ka Ni (Insert Name)" Accusation

After reading the article which calls Vice President Leni Robredo a hypocrite, here's something that caught my head and this could be very true:

If bloggers criticize you, accuse them of being paid trolls, but retain a well-funded socmed team that does nothing but post flattering comments about you on news sites using multiple fake accounts, and order them to attack your critics.

I guess it's a problem in among Filipinos accuse their fellow Filipinos of being "bayaran" or somebody who's paid to do something against them. What do you expect from a country that's plagued with bribery? Bribery has been a prevalent problem whether it was the Marcos Years up to the Noynoying Years. Marcos' snap election was full of cheating from both Aquinos and Marcoses. The Marcos years ended but EDSA became a joke. It's just a change in regime but not a complete change in policy. Economic protectionism became the very driving cog of cronyism. Don't criticize the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. for cronyism if you support the cronyistic Aquinos. Think about it: maybe it's time to teach that neither Ninoy nor Macoy were actually heroes to the country? Both were probably just after their own selfish interests. One wanted to maintain Hacienda Marcos and the other wanted to turn the Philippines into Hacienda Aquino. Either way, the Philippines loses. That's why I don't have any problem with Marcos Sr.'s burial at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani because a lot of scumbags were buried there.

Someone can say that I'm bayaran ni President Rodrigo R. Duterte or bayaran ni Bongbong Marcos as I write this blog. Someone can say, "Eh magkano binayad sa iyo ni Bongbong para sirain si Noynoy?" Marcostards can also ask, "Eh magkano binayad sa iyo ni Noynoy para sirain si Bongbong?" if I write something against Bongbong. It's the problem that the poor Filipino logic ignores other alternatives when they're available. It's like couldn't a person be neither for Marcos or Aquino? Why do you have to assume that because one criticizes A that he supports B when there's C, D and other alternatives? It's possible that a person who criticizes Noynoy right now also doesn't like President Duterte or that a person who supports President Duterte also supported Noynoy last term. There are many alternatives so why restrict alternatives when they're available?

Some people are just writing their opinions without getting paid a cent from anyone. A lot of Filipinos tend to be like Jim Paredes. They easily blow up and get mad and start doing any form of character assassination (such as hurling false accusations) when these people don't agree with them. Such people can go ahead and assume so and so is a paid troll while being paid troll themselves. They can assume so and so is being a jobless loser to a paid troll the false accusations can go on and on and on. Some of them go as far as to demand people to give up their privacy online while acting and commenting as Anonymous. Talk about the irony and self-contradictory behavior of these people. In short, look who's really calling the kettle black