Is The Liberal Party Really Fighting For A Healthy Democracy As It Claims To Be?

The Liberal Party claimed that they have fought for democracy. Aquinotards claim that the late Ninoy and the late Cory are both the father and mother of democracy. The statement alone can make anyone cringe. Democracy like economic protectionism isn't a Filipino invention. The natives of the Philippines didn't invent democracy but it was an idea of Democritus in Ancient Greece. Also, if Ninoy and Cory were both the parents of democracy then don't tell me the Philippines never had any democracy before the 1987 Constitution? 

The claim that democracy is already "dead" because of the knock out of the Liberal Party leaves room for thought. Was it really a threat to democracy if the Liberal Party's six senators got knocked out? If we're to think about a healthy democracy shouldn't opposing parties be given turns? The Liberal Party has been pretty dominant so why don't they give everyone else a turn? The Philippines isn't only for the Liberal Party but for every political party. The problem of the Liberal Party is that they seek to dominate the scenarios. Truth, justice and democracy? Yes, only according to the definition of the Liberal Party and only them have the right to define it. If that's so then it's already a yellow dictatorship under the guise of democracy. Shouldn't it be mentioned that most of Noynoy Aquino's appointees are because they're his friends? Don't tell me that's not cronyism because it's no different than the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr.'s cronyism. 

Manang Loida Nicolas-Lewis herself has a high probability that she's lying that she believes in a democratic process. She's speaking like as if she owns the Philippines or her affiliation namely the Democratic Party of America owns the Philippines. Just listen to her talk. She's already demanding President Rodrigo R. Duterte to resign even if the majority floor don't want him to. Don't be fooled by her soft-spoken behavior here because it's just a ruse. She's doing a lot of fancy talk while demanding (or in some way relaying a message) that President Duterte should resign. Is it democracy to let a leader resign just because she said so or her allies said so? That already shows she's either a dictator herself or a spokesperson of a dictatorial party. 

A healthy democracy is not a dysfunctional sense of freedom. The Dilawan's latest ally namely Dinuktor Agnes Callamard is yet another threat to a healthy democracy.  Assuming Vice President Leni Loud Robredo is probably encouraging the legalization of dangerous drugs. Dinuktor Callamard is claiming that war on drugs doesn't work. I agree that poorly thought out policies. Assuming VP Leni Loud is probably taking Portugal out of context. What is decriminalized isn't necessarily legal. Just because drug use has been decriminalized doesn't mean its trade is legal. If people still paid a hefty fine for use and/or possession then it's still illegal at best. If people are allowed to take substances that ruin their behavior and/or cause violence then that's not a healthy democracy. 

Is the Commission on Human Rights really fighting for a healthy democracy? They are fighting for a democracy but not for a healthy one. After all, hasn't the organization been responsible for the rise of a culture of impunity? It's not surprising how it goes from Dilemma to Etta Rosales to Cheato Gascon who are all part of the Liberal Party. CHR has been putting the rights of people the wrong way. In criminal law it's all about protecting the rights of law abiding citizens over criminals. While criminals do have rights not to be interrogated in such an inhumane way or not to be given punishment more than what they commit but the law-abiding citizen must come first. Also, why get mad at the implementation of strict laws like curfew for minors, penalties for throwing garbage here and there and other rules meant to keep society in check? Hmmm... I guess that idiot Singaporean Amos Yee wished he moved to the Philippines (and reside in Tondo of all places) during the Noynoying years huh? After all didn't Senator Kiko Pangilinan lower the age of criminal responsibility?

The biased reporting by the Dilawan Media doesn't contribute to a healthy democracy. A healthy democracy has to have both sides but what ABiaS-CBN has done is to show only the side of the old fool Jim Paredes. They should have shown the whole video and let the audience see for themselves who was really trolling. The Duterte supporters were there to show their support for their president. What Paredes did was trolling as if he owned EDSA. Is this guy fighting for democracy? He looks like he's a dictator there at EDSA. He acted like he owned EDSA that even some Aquino supporters spat at him. He could have asked them nicely but what he did was showing signs he's the real troll during that event. I guess it's no wonder why the APO Hiking Society split up. I wonder does he even realize that martial law is still granted by the 1987 Constitution or that the REAL PROBLEM is not martial law itself but only when it's misused and abused? 

Maybe it's time to think about how the Dilawans are actually responsible for misinformation while they claim to fight fake news. Fighting fake news? Yes they're fighting fake news only if it doesn't suit them. It's pretty much like Dilemma's raid in Bilibid. She conducted a raid, confiscated certain items but left certain people untouched because of selective justice. A Dutertroll is a troll and should meet appropriate action. A Noytroll is no better than Dutertroll. Any kind of trolling must be discouraged. No one should be exempt from the rules. Whether it's Dutertrolls, Noytrolls or any kind of trolls they are still trolls. 

Not to mention there's already more evidence mounting that Assuming VP Leni Loud isn't legitimate. Why is she desperate not to get the electoral protest of Bongbong Marcos to move forward? Why is Manang Loida accusing Bongbong of having a nefarious scheme? If and if certain votes were rigged and they were installed by Hocus PCOS that would already be a violation of democracy. Democracy is also all about winning elections fair and square. If people get installed by the whims of PCOS then that's already a dictatorship. 

Do you want to have evidence that democracy is still functioning in the Philippines? The people got to decide on how much they really "love" Assuming VP Leni Loud as shown by the picture above. She took over the duties because President Duterte was in Marawi due to the Matae terrorist crisis. The people got to decide on whether or not they still love Assuming VP Leni Loud. VP Leni Loud's drop in approval rating is not an evidence of democracy dying. It's still evidence people have some deciding power. The same happened to Leila Dilemma when a lot of people got irritated by her incessant ramblings. Just think how much support does the Liberal Party have now anyway? People have the right to withdraw support if they ever found out they were hit by the real #ChangeScamming since 1986 up to present. 

Instead, it's all about maintaining a good democracy the way progressive democracies do it. It's all about