Philippine TV Networks And Their Problem Of "Halos Lagi Nag-Rerun Ng Mga Foreign Na Palabas Pinanood Mo Noong Bata Ka Pa"

It's already 2017 and one has to be amazed with how ABiaS-CBN and GMA-7 love to do endless reruns of shows that 90s or last decade children grew up with. You hardly get anything new and to get back their TV ratings, they usually resolve to one gimmick called, "Halos lagi nag-rerun ng mga foreign na palabas pinanood mo noong bata ka pa." or "They're almost always rerunning foreign shows that you watched as a child." So I could talk about some shows that I grew up with in the 90s. Not all of them had a re-air but I could talk about some shows that tend to be re-aired. ABiaS-CBN re-aired Princess Sarah and Meteor Garden instead of looking for something else to air. GMA-7 keeps re-airing Yu Yu Hakusho, Voltes V, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. That's just among a few shows I'd like to mention.

Many 90s children today are either in their late 20s or 30s today. When I think about IBC-13 it was annoying to think how they just kept rerunning Bioman, Maskman, Turboranger, Kamen Rider Black, Shaider, Jiban, Time Quest, Yu Yu Hakusho and I'd like to say it, "WALA NA BANG IBANG PALABAS PWEDE IPALABAS?" or "Don't you have anything else to show?" I said that when I started discovering more about Super Sentai. Why couldn't they just show the endings of those shows instead of leaving the finales hanging? Heck, they could have just shown the endings. I could still give credit to ABC-5 for actually showing the endings of Fiveman and Jetman but I can't deny how endless reruns are SO FREAKING ANNOYING. Where's the diversification then?

One could argue that ABiaS-CBN did show Kamen Rider Ryuki or GMA-7 showed Kamen Rider Faiz and Kamen Rider OOO (but I could talk about bad dubs another day). Most of the time they just go back to airing those shows. When ABiaS-CBN re-aired Princess Sarah which I saw as a child and I was in my late 20s, I said, "WTF ABiaS... wala na ba kayong ibang mapalabas?" or "WTF ABiaS... don't you have anything else to show." Meteor Garden is so yesterday. There are many Taiwanese series, Japanese series or Korean series that they could show. Instead, they decided to replay Meteor Garden when they could have chosen more new shows to help them keep going.

I could also go back to my high school life with the frequent re-airing. I could remember how Jetman aired in ABC-5 for let's say FOUR YEARS while different seasons of Sailor Moon showed up. I could remember how ABiaS-CBN re-aired Mighty Morphin Power Rangers dubbed in Tagalog and man was it SO ANNOYING just to listen to that awful Tagalog. Why couldn't they re-air it in its original English? Speaking of which, I could still mention Philippine TV networks tend to favor American shows too much never mind that Jim Parades once sang "American Junk" and that ABiaS-CBN once aired the APO Hiking Society. Then we have the problem of American shows getting re-aired in TAGALOG rather than in English. I could understand why they aired Japanese media in Tagalog because they weren't in English but come on do they have to do the same to English shows too?

Any call for "nationalism" is just something that they can't fulfill. Aren't these Philippine TV networks and movie theaters also showing imported shows to keep them running? It's time to face reality that their notion of nationalism isn't even achievable. Maybe, maybe it's really time to think about how awfully repetitious it is to do so with always replaying the same imported shows all over again. Why can't they continue to keep diversifying their shows? Instead, we get a lot of new school shows but it's in the form of bootleg quality telebasuras. While these new school shows aren't bootleg as far as legal definition is concerned but they're so horrible they look like unlicensed productions. Please don't give me the nationalistic nonsense because those TV sets they're using were all made in other countries and none of those shows were filmed without the use of imported equipment. Then they end up rerunning these foreign shows to keep them running as if the viewers never grew up or grow old. Come on, will you still re-air those shows 90s children watched as children when some of them will reach a ripe old age? 

 Enough is enough! Tama na! Sobra na!