The Stupidity Of Prioritizing Rallies Over Class Attendance

This issue is nothing new and I don't need to be a political analyst to say, "WTF is wrong with you!" to people who choose to skip their classes to join those stupid rallies. I remembered how I attended my classes and my introduction to international marketing professor said something like, "I don't care about your stupid rallies! It's not excusable compared to if you got sick, hospitalized or met an accident along the way! Let those activists help you when I give you a failing grade!" I couldn't help but agree with her. While I'm no genius or anything but I passed through her strict policies by studying hard and following simple guidelines

Here's the issue of attending rallies over one's classes. Some or maybe even many of them don't even belong to well-to-do families. What's worse is that some people who are actually wasting their time attending these rallies don't even come from well-to-do families. They tend to play the victim card to gain sympathy from fellow Pinoys who are well-to-do. If that well-to-do Pinoy refuses to help they can go ahead and play the "you're not makabayan" card or the "Are you sure you're Pinoy?" card. I'm wondering did they spend a lot of their allowance (coming from their parents or any supporting relative) on nonsense while they were there during the rallies?

It's sometimes ironic to think about that there are well-to-do Pinoys and Tsinoys who actually still strive to finish their studies. Some of these Pinoys may actually belong to the high earning sector. There are Pinoys who have learned from Tsinoys and have thus progressed from the "typical Pinoy mindset" of handing money. One can say, "Eh di mayaman ka naman di ba?" or "You're rich aren't you?" Any proper minded Pinoy would just say, "Well we have the money to live not by wasting our resources but by utilizing them properly!" This may also lead people to think of the possibility that many rallyistas (not all) are actually paid by someone behind the scenes to participate in the rallies. Others may just be too lazy to attend their classes. By attending the rallies they're missing the important activities that they're required to comply in order to get their degrees. I can't imagine the pain the parents pass through working to get them in school but they waste it all by attending those useless rallies.

Even if they're paid by somebody behind the scenes but how do they even manage the money given to those who paid them to protest? I guess they just go out with their barkadas or peers, go spend it on nonsense, they run out of money and they say, "When's the next rally?" Boy, I just want to slam their heads on the concrete walls they may have vandalized right now. They need to stop attending rallies and take their studies seriously.