PNoy First Policy Caused The Philippines To Fail

With the failed rally against the Marcos Sr. burial last November 25, 2016 there's one thing that needs to be raised. It's the problem of the Aquino First policy which started all the way from the 1987 Constitution up to the Noynoy Administration last 2010-2016. I don't know if it should be time to make it clear that the PNoy First Policy caused the Philippines to fail big time. Many can go ahead and trust ABiaS-CBN's News Networks's sensationalism but here's what: growth rate is NOT enough to tell us the Philippines has become a developed country. 

Mar Roxas flip-flopped no thanks to PNoy First policy 

Let's start considering how Mar Roxas AKA Palpakman or Shippaiman flip-flopped from the time he was under former president now Makati City Mayor Joseph "Erap" Ejercito Estrada who wanted to push for Constitutional Correction for Development or CONCORD. But the moment he joined the Liberal Party he decided to change his stance his stand all because of the PNoy First Policy. Last time he thought that removing unnecessary Foreign Direct Investment or FDI was good. But later out of his loyalty to the Liberal Party and Noynoy he decided that there's no need to amend any anti-FDI restrictions to create a competitive environment in the Philippines. It's annoying to think how Mar went from somebody who advocated correcting the constitution. But after Erap was forced to resign due to a jueteng scandal then the whole the whole CONCORD went down the drain. I guess it's really just pretty good enough that Palpakman didn't win. One could consider that the Yolanda fiasco might even entitle Palpakman to either die by firing squad or life imprisonment in Mandaluyong. Oh, never forget that he badmouthed the Tacloban City Mayor (who's no less guilty) about being a Romualdez and that Noynoy is an Aquino. 

The PNoy first policy has caused super unfair discrimination against the rest of the Marcos clan who have NOTHING to do with the faults of their late patriarch Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr.

While I would say it sounds stupid to give Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. a hero's burial but here's another issue. Just because Marcos Sr. was recorded as a dictator doesn't automatically mean that all the Aquinos are heroes and all the Marcoses are villains. It's amazing how the Yellowtard Party kept attacking Bongbong Marcos solely because he's the son of his late father and he's also named after his late father. It's typical here in the Philippines that many Filipinos tend to think that if the father's a hero then the son's a hero and if the father's a villain then the son's a villain. If they studied history they'll realize bad kings can sire good sons and good kings can sire bad sons. Bongbong himself may not be as intelligent as his late father but he's done more than Noynoy has ever done. The windmill plant in Ilocos had Bongbong involved while he was governor. On the other hand, what has Noynoy done? Nine years in the Senate and none of his laws came to action. Bongbong has done more as a Senator than Noynoy. Yet the PNoy First Policy caused them to shun Bongbong because he's a Marcos. What a waste to think that people support a Senator who's achieved much less over a Senator who's done much more no thanks to PNoy First Policy. 

Picture taken from CoRRECT Philippines

The Monsods' PNoy First Policy makes them anti-constitutional reform

Another great issue we need to understand are the outdated Monsods as well as the Robleses. I'm so amazed at how Winnie Monsod ends up saying that federalism would empower political dynasties. Do they know the difference between feudalism and federalism aside from the spelling? Federalism means a mixed or compound mode of government. In other words, it's all about cooperation and decentralization. Feudalism means medieval government which brings a rise to warlords. The Monsod couple have been constitutionalists so why are they mistaking federalism for feudalism? Either they're playing around with words to misinform people or they've just gone senile with age. I suggest that they really get their research right. Worse, they think that FDI restrictions aren't a hurdle to the economy even to go as far as to say that Japan and South Korea didn't need them. I suggest they test their theory on an uncharted island

PNoy First Policy gave Kris Aquino too much ground

It's because of PNoy First Policy that Kris Aquino had too much ground. Let's just be honest abut this one. Why were Kris' personal problems integrated as a national problem when it's not? Is it because her idiot brother Noynoy was president from 2010-2016? Too many people got too distracted by Kris' tantrums and tears to ignore bigger issues that the country is suffering from. Hopefully, Kris won't be back in show business because it's getting annoying having her around. Her being part of promoting PNoy First Policy helped caused the Philippines to fail!

Bum Aquino manages to become Senator no thanks to the PNoy First Policy

Noynoy won the presidency last term because his mother Corazon C. Aquino died of cancer. Then the effect is that the mentality of "Basta Aquino, iboto ko." got created. Every time it's an Aquino, there's the high chance they're going to win. The same went for Paolo Benigno "Bum" Aquino. While he's an intelligent guy but it can't be denied that like the scholars who revived the lion, he hasn't done much in the political arena. His pagpag law is just another proof that he's like those scholars who revived the lion.

PNoy First Policy caused Alan La Madrid Impurisima to violate his terms of preventive suspension

Do you remember the Mamasapano Massacre with the result of 44 soldiers died in pursuit of the international terrorist Marwan? Unfortunately, one could trace a lot of the fiasco to Alan La Madrid Impurisima. So what's up with Impurisima? Let's make it clear. He's obviously under preventive suspension but PNoy First Policy caused him to intervene. The result of the intervention by Impurisima that while hew as indeed under preventive suspension. But for Impurisima, he seems to think that being under preventive suspension means that any authority figure put under it will still be performing acts of office. Worse, he's tried to justify his reasons by saying that he merely gave an advice and not an order. As the late Miriam Defensor Santiago would say, "You should really hear yourself talk!" during the investigation. The Philippine National Police became such a joke under Impurisima's watch.

Joseph Emilio Pabaya's PNoy First policy helped worsen the already terrible traffic in Manila

Only somebody who's brain is lower than that of a child would think traffic is not fatal. You can go ahead and educate kindergarteners about it but Joseph Emilio Pabaya's brain is probably more underdeveloped than that of a child who's still learning the basics. It doesn't take a College degree, a Master's Degree or a Doctorate degree to understand that traffic is fatal or that heavy traffic is not a sign of progress. Worse, under the administration of Pabaya we remember how the MRT got worse under his watch. Only if frustrated Filipinos who take the MRT will get to see both Noynoy and Pabaya get run over by a train. But again, what do you expect when it's PNoy First?

Leila Dilemma adhering to PNoy First Policy made her an injustice secretary 

The current probes against Leila Dilemma is already revealing that she's managed to fool everyone with her Oscar-worthy skills. She got featured on CNN for supposedly having arrested some drug lords while hiding the fact that she's also been involved with selective justice. As long as it's an ally of Noynoy then she's more than ready to do selective justice. Her actions may have allowed the likes of Florencio "Butcher" Abad and Kill Jacinto Henares to get away with their acts of legalized theft. Both the Disbursement Acceleration Program or DAP and corruption in the Bureau of Internal Revenue (Robbery) may have been protected under Dilemma's watch. Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. should do his trademark ear covering act while she talks because she's not worth listening to and this time, he shouldn't apologize for such actions.

Conchita Carpio-Immorales' PNoy First Policy shows partiality by protecting the interest of PNoy and friends

Conchita Carpio Immorales herself is really showing biases. While Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa was wrong to accept Senator Manny Pacquiao's treat but why refuse to probe Leila Dilemma? If Dilemma is supposedly innocent than a probe would prove one's innocence. Instead, what Immorales is doing is to target anybody who's not part of the Liberal Party. While I agree that Bato needs to answer for his offense (and he's ready to accept punishment for it) but the probe on Dilemma still needs to be launched. Immorales' unwillingness to investigate accusations against Dilemma is pretty fishy isn't it?

Closing words

Right now, it's very important to spread this word. No more PNoy First or Aquino First Policy! If you think the Philippines got better after martial law - THINK AGAIN! It's bad enough to lose your freedom under martial law and agree with Judy Taguiwalo's statement that Marcos is no hero. The best interest of the Philippines is what should be met not the best interest of the Aquinos. As said, enough is enough of the PNoy First Policy!