Do PNoy Pridists Think Democracy Is Only By The Rule Of The Aquino Empire?

With the recent events of the Duterte Presidency from his implementation of strict guidelines to the recent burial of the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr., it's time to think about those PNoy Pridists and their stupidity. I'm getting annoyed at more than one level with the idea that "Only Aquino is right, everyone else is wrong." This doesn't mean that I advocate that "Only Duterte is wrong, everyone else is wrong." or any form of political retardation. Let's think about what the post-martial law era did which even made the Philippines worse. The start of making things worse was when the 1987 Constitution provided the stupidity of economic protectionism. This started more massive unemployment and cronyism in the Philippines. 

For them, only the 1987 Constitution is right, it's never wrong and the rule of democracy is the Rule of Aquino. For them, everything the Aquinos do is right regardless of the wrong. I guess even if the Aquinos pass a law that they should eat pagpag then they'll also eat pagpag. If the Aquinos should write down a law that only Filipino websites will be visited by Filipinos they'll think it's right. They may reject every other source unless it stands by for a portion of what the Aquinos believe. They may hypocritically even quote from a pro-protectionist source that's not from the Aquinos to defend the Aquinos. But in total, they won't want anything that doesn't agree with the Aquinos. For them, the rule of democracy is the rule of Aquino. 

Just because a dictatorship was toppled doesn't mean it's time to welcome the rule of impunity. A lot of Filipinos have the tendency to confuse having strict discipline with martial law. A good example is that self-proclaimed investigative journalist Raissa Robles. The idiot reacted that it's back to martial law when President Duterte declared that there should be curfew after 10 A.M. for minors. Anyone who tells them about their need for discipline are immediately given preposterous allegations that they themselves can't even prove. Mudslinging and smear campaigns more common in the Philippines than the use of professional methods. Some of these allegations they can't prove is that the person isn't paying taxes (But again, I think some of these trolls aren't even paying taxes and why should people reveal their income online?!), demanding people to reveal themselves while being anonymous, that the person may be wishing that the Philippines becomes a totalitarian state or whatever they can think of then they cry foul when they're asked for evidence to prove their allegations. It's just like how PNoy Pridists cry foul whenever they can't prove their allegations against President Duterte and get mad when anyone from the Liberal Party has to face charges.

They said that democracy's dead no thanks to President Duterte. I think that they said that because they love the culture of impunity. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that many Filipinos tend to think that democracy means having a dysfunctional sense of freedom. They think that they should have the freedom to defy simple guidelines and defend your guilty citizens no matter what (all the while condemning Filipinos who want to do what's right). When Mar Roxas lost (and too bad that he didn't pull the crucifixion stunt last Good Friday to make his defeat even worse) some of them want President Duterte down so Vice President Leni Robredo can be president. They want the Aquino Empire to still thrive. It's a good thing though that Kris Aquino is out of ABiaS-CBN for now. Again, what if this is just another acting stunt like Leila Dilemma's worthy to get an Oscar Award performance where she was pretending to be a woman of justice when she isn't?

It's been years of Aquinocracy that made the Philippines worse after martial law. I'm not saying the martial law years are the best years. No, I don't even think Marcos Sr. should have been buried at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani (I agree with DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo there) but again I'd say this that neither does Noynoy Aquino deserve to get a reservation for any kind of hero's burial when the time comes that he croaks much less be recognized as a hero. What's there to be proud about all the delays that happened like where's the alleged Marcos wealth? Where's the end of cronyism? NONE! Instead, cronyism increased and corruption even became more rampant. Yes, there's democracy but it's a democracy with almost no check and balance. That's why it took me many years before I considered myself to be a Filipino because of the consequences of the Rule of Aquino!


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