The Problem Of PNoy Pridists Who Are Using The Recent Davao Bombing To Discredit President Rodrigo Duterte!

I was running out of rambling words until I read Get Real Philippines' latest article on this related subject. Duterte supporter or not, anybody who doesn't have the mind of a Noytard may figure it out that you can't use the recent Davao bombing to discredit President Rodrigo Duterte's performance in the war against crime. It's time to bring up some issues with Noytards and how they think everything Noynoy does is right and everyone who's not in their group is automatically wrong. Even after Noynoy has stepped down these PNoy Pridists will still continue their battle against reforming the 1987 Constitution for a better Philippines. 

Did they even forget all the bad things that happened during the Noynoy Administration? Let's cite some facts that happened during the Noynoy Administration such as the Manila Hostage Crisis done by the late Rolando Mendoza. Then there were other incidents like the deaths of the SAF-44, the Tanim Bala scheme and many more incidents that were left unresolved due to negligence. The difference is President Duterte was already in the Malacanang and Noynoy had more power to intervene on behalf of the hostages. While there might be some neglect done but why blame Duterte for the mishap? Do they even plan to blame him for the bombings like some of them are even blaming him for the extrajudicial killings which weren't his fault which makes me ask the question, "How would you like it if Noynoy got blamed for killings during his term?" Did they even remember how Noynoy's term ended up messing up with the peace and order of Imperial Manila?

What could be the possible attitude of Tagalistas with their organization which I dubbed as "Da Pinoy Empire" towards Davao City's recent incident? They tend to say, "Stand by your fellow Filipino no matter what." but where is it now? They may only choose to stand by their fellow Filipinos who adhere to their foolish values they believe define and make one Filipino but if a Filipino stops adhering to them then for these idiots, they're no longer Filipino. Isn't Davao part of the Philippines also and isn't Davao occupied by Filipinos? Do Tagalistas consider themselves as the only Filipinos while the rest of the Philippines' cultural groups are no longer Filipinos but simply underlings in "Da Pinoy Empire"? I guess they're going to be indifferent about it because Davao is the home place of President Duterte. Some of them may be upset that the new president isn't a Tagalog? Not even the 1987 Constitution in all its flaws says that the president has to be a Tagalog!

Anybody can also say, "See it can just happen anywhere!" But let's take a look at how the Noynoy Administration responds to disasters. When the Tianjin explosion happened, I always asked myself if the Philippines is even ready for such a disaster. There's been a lot of neglect like the MRT deterioration has gone from bad to worse under Joseph Emilio Pabaya's watch. There's a lot of traffic disasters no thanks to unmanaged traffic. Crime has become more rampant and the police under former PNP Chief Alan La Madrid Impurisima has done a horrible job with peace and order. Right now, we have President Duterte and Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. are responding immediately. That's something that the last administration failed to do! The issue is not so much on whether or not crime happens but how is crime dealt with.

Many Filipinos need to realize that military presence doesn't necessarily mean martial law. If there's more warnings of bomb attacks doesn't that mean it's time to increase military presence aside from police presence? At this point, it looks like more Filipinos may end up dying as a result of not following simple guidelines. Terrorist attacks are unpredictable and many of them are getting more and more aggressive. Military presence isn't always a bad thing when you've got competent people running the show. If there's an emergency then one should expect strict enforcement of the law to protect the safety of the citizens of the country.