The Solution For Improved Tourism And More Investors Isn't In David Guerrero's Slogan "It's More Fun In The Philippines"

The PNoy Pride Administration may already be coming to an end but the damage done is hard to repair. The tagline "It's more fun in the Philippines" was launched by David Guerrero based on the Switzerland campaign, "It's more fun in Switzerland." It's time to talk about tourism yet again and every incident that happened. There may be so much damage done to the Philippines by that slogan such as it had promoted a culture of impunity to Filipinos. Good thing there are Filipinos who don't want to keep standing for that piece of SH*T that Guerrero advertised some time after the botched Rolando Mendoza incident. In other words, WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS HE THINKING?!

In advertising there's overselling and underselling. While the value of a product must be boasted about such as, "This tastes really good." but to say, "This is the best tasting product in the world." can result to a horrible backfire. The whole slogan "It's more fun in the Philippines." is no different. Unfortunately for the past six years of the President Nobita administration, one needs to take a look at several obstacles towards good tourism and investment.

Fixing some tourism problems

The incidents at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport are no joke. A lot of deterioration happened during its watch under the President Nobita Administration. I'm even surprised that Jose Devil Honrado just keeps trying to avoid taking responsibility. He's calling in Purisimese when he said, "I can perform my duties but I cannot exercise accountability." Is he hinting he's been doing the Tanim Bala scheme all along or is he a lazy person who refuses to fix the problem? There's been problems of unfixed comfort rooms, defective infrastructure and scams. Why is it that I can't help but think that the whole tagline by David Guerrero was meant to be a scam in the first place. Scam foreigners and get money rather than work hard for revenues? What in the world are they thinking?

Do you know why developed countries have good tourism? I remembered Singapore and I still think of this one. If Filipinos were really a democracy with good discipline then I expect progress. There's nothing harsh or unreasonable with fining people for throwing garbage around. If Filipinos were more disciplined then there's going to be better peace and order. If the authorities would do their jobs well in handling civil violations like illegally parked cars and littering then they would be able to handle bigger tasks that require more than just fines. If the policemen were really armed and ready then any hostage crisis situations can be dealt with as soon as possible.

A question to ask Filipinos is would they be willing to have a vacation in Bangladesh or in Singapore? Would they want to take a vacation in North Korea or South Korea? In other words, do Filipinos want to spend vacation time in places worse than the Philippines or in places better than the Philippines? Those are a few questions that need to be answered in trying to fix Philippine tourism. I guess it would be nice to send David Guerrero and company to spend a week in both North Korea and South Korea to help them understand what's wrong with their "magic slogan". 

Fixing economic policies concerning foreign investment

Do you expect foreigners to invest just because you tell them it's more fun in the Philippines? If you say yes then you really need to restudy Economics 101. Any smart investor would go to China where there's reasonable restrictions that allows one to get at least 50% and above while the Philippines only grants 40% ownership. Again, for the NTH time get into INTO YOUR HEAD that foreign investors are not foreign invaders! Telling investors that it's more fun in the Philippines would have any good investor say, "Really? Then why are you limiting foreign investment while telling me it's more fun to invest here? I only get 40% so where's the give and take?" Telling them that investing here will be more fun will just piss them off. 

Do you want more foreign investments and more jobs for Filipinos? Then start relaxing some of the economic restrictions like China did. When Deng Xiaoping decided to start relaxing the economic restrictions and learning from Lee Kwan Yew, China became progressive. As of late, China has an exodus of factories but don't expect them to move to the Philippines because of 60/40. Do you want to beat China without warfare? Then open up the economy and maybe you'll get more investors moving to the Philippines as they move out of China. This doesn't mean accepting all of them but if it's a reputable company and they agree to give jobs to Filipinos and pay taxes then why not?

Yes, the Philippines can beat China (not in warfare though) if its start opening up the economy. If more foreign firms move out and seek for more territory just think if they moved to the countries affected by China's attempt to revive Imperial China. If more and more foreign investors move to affected places like Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and the Philippines then it would really weaken China's army. Without much money from foreign investors then that would convince the current administration to drop their plans to revive imperialism in their country. This may also mean reputable Chinese investors will end up withdrawing support from their country for the countries affected by their country's bullying. 


  1. Good points. Singapore and Hong Kong are models built on Foreign investment. 60/40 will kill any investment anywhere in the world. That is why other countries do not do it.


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