The Priority Of Cleaning Up The Philippine National Police!

As Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. is now the justice secretary of President Rodrigo Duterte then his priorities shouldn't only focused on implementing discipline at the Bilibid Prisons but also straightening up the Philippine National Police. During the Nobita Administration, one can see all the unsolved PNP problems from the late Rolando Mendoza to the incidents involving Alan Impurisima are all proofs of the failure of PNoy Pride. It's really now or never and reforms are badly needed. 

The Philippine national police badly needs discipline from the lower ranks to the highest ranks. It's no secret that the Philippines' police force are incredibly unprepared. It's time to stop saying, "But that's the trademark of being Filipino." It's time to give a Bright Slap on their faces and tell them straight on their faces, "NO! THAT'S BEING A FAILIPINO! QUIT BEING A FAILIPINO AND BE A PROPER FILIPINO!" Have everyone have some rigorous training exercises, set strict guidelines for everyone to follow and implement them properly. Good rules are ineffective if they're not implemented properly.

PNP staff members should never get in nor get their appointments based on the padrino system. Just because a person is your friend doesn't mean he or she should get that rank. People should be promoted to positions of authority based on their ability to lead and manage. Managing is limited to certain areas while leadership also requires influence. If you expect the PNP to improve then it also requires appointing the best people according to their abilities not according to friendships.

Hopefully, Justice Secretary Aguirre will carry out these badly needed reforms as soon as possible. If he can be at his best behavior during the SAF-44 hearing then he can implement some badly needed reforms to improve the justice system.