Dear Filipino Ultranationalists: If Economic Protectionism Is So Good, Please Tell Me Why's South Korea Doing Much Better Than North Korea?

Here's a comparison between North Korea and South Korea taken from Louder and Crowder. Let's try to think about the economic aspects. So let's think about a few parts of comparing the economic advantages of protectionist North Korea from free trade South Korea. Let's take a look and please click on the chart above. I'd discuss a few aspects related to economic performances. Not everything in the chart is related to economics though.

Those ultranationalist groups have made top seven lies to endorse their B.S. propaganda. These top seven lies are that (1) free trade is based and that free trade is for cowards, (2) they promote national independence, (3) they promote economic growth and better services, (4) first world countries use economic protectionism, (5) they "invade" other countries, (6) they provide jobs for the people while free trade only promotes jobs to foreigners, and (7) they provide trade surplus while free trade provides trade deficit. While I usually rant about the Philippines vs. Singapore or Philippines vs. Japan in terms of economic performance, I guess it's time to put two countries that are just near each other. Both North Korea and South Korea shows the big differences between economic protectionism and free trade.

South Korea is doing better than North Korea up to present. Just take a look at some of the biggest differences that free trade with reasonable restrictions did to South Korea while take a look at all the garbage that's North Korea. You may observe that in terms of Gross Domestic Product per capital, South Korea's much higher where North Korea only gets $ 1,800 while South Korea gets $ 35,485. The life expectancy of South Koreans is higher than North Koreans due to living conditions. South Korea has 28 wins over North Korea's six wins during the 2012 olympics. Plus the military spending of South Korea of $ 31.6 billion is only 2.7% of GDP while North Korea's $ 10 billion military spending is taken from 25% of their GDP. So tell me then, why isn't North Korea doing better with its economic protectionism than South Korea's free trade with reasonable restrictions? 

To show some of the top seven lies being debunked, let's try to get more factual. True North Korea got its "independence" but at what cost? Their promise of economic growth and better services is a joke. Why are the Korean services I get services from are not from North Korea but South Korea? If free trade is for cowards tell me then who's really avoiding competition? If they were invading other countries then guess which country is "taking over the world" with quality products and services? Which country has caused the Korean trend and it's definitely not North Korea. South Korea has more jobs for its people than North Korea. When I'm getting Korean products they definitely were not from North Korea but from South Korea. 

As said, to you Filipino ultranationalists that should really prove your statements. If you say that first world countries progressed through "self-industralization" then please tell me why's South Korea now a first world country and not North Korea? South Korea is not self-industralized but it accepted foreign investments bringing it to where it's now. On the other hand, North Korea still tries to live up with the idiotic view of self-industrialization. So what are you going to blame? Foreigners again? Well then, why don't you prove your theory in an uncharted island because North Korea also proves your theory of self-industrialization is just a stupid fantasy.