PNoy Pride Stupidity: Letting Daniel Padilla And Kathryn Bernardo Get Away With Breaking Simple Election Guidelines

What happened with Kathryn Bernardo (left) and Daniel Padilla (right) had just broken what was really a VERY SIMPLE GUIDELINE. It doesn't take a genius to understand this rule - selfies with your ballot is NOT allowed. Yet the two did it anyway. Then it happened. The bomb dropped. From GMA News, I read that COMELEC Commissioner Rowena Guanzon did what was so stupid when she decided to defend them and said there's no poll violation. Really? What they did is an obvious violation of SIMPLE GUIDELINES

In due fairness, the ballots were not yet shaded but to let them get away with the selfie thing without any punishment is just uncalled for. Do I agree they should get six years in jail? Maybe not but I believe these brats need to pay a heavy fine for what they did. But no, the stupid celebrity starstruck culture that many Filipinos have prevails again. So celebrities are above the law? In the Philippines, the answer is most likely a yes with how both Daniel and Kathryn both got away with this one. It's already clear that selfies with ballot are not allowed. Even without any shade for the votes, they need to get some punishment for what they did and even if it was the media who took the shot (if ever), the two should know better than to do what they did. I would say the two should spend some time in community service and a hefty fine to teach them a lesson they'll never forget.

Problem is the Starstruck Culture rules the Philippines. Do you ever even bother think why the nation is ruled by incompetence and corruption? Instead of choosing people who can really do the job well, people prefer popularity over credibility. The more popular the person is the better they think the person is for office never mind if that person's head is super empty. I suspect that ABiaS-CBN may have paid COMELEC to even dismiss the brats' case. What's worse with this going on, celebrities are already running the country. Donald Trump was right on the issue that people laugh at comedians and listen to politicians but the reverse has happened. What's worse is that because of celebrity endorsements, stupid candidates who prefer to keep the Philippines with the stupid 1987 Constitution's mistakes like 60/40 for Foreign Direct Investment keeps winning as a result. 

The two are also supporting the nuisance candidate that's Mar Roxas. So I guess that's why the two are getting away with wiath they did. It's always been the rule of favoritism. Just think of how most Filipinos are just so biased anyway. If their fellow citizens commits crime in another country they beg for mercy. But if a foreigner commits crime they immediately demand justice. After all, wasn't the sad legacy of PNoy Pride been really causing more of the country's downfall? Elections have become even slower no thanks to a lack of readiness and proper system. What has PNoy Pride done for the country anyway? What has ABiaS-CBN contributed to the knowledge of people? It's time to ask those questions who still continue to insist in the program called Daang Matuwid