To Ultranationalistic Pinoys: The Empire Of Japan Has Long Been Dead

President Nobita Aquino greets Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko

From the news two days ago concerning how Bayan Muna Bobo Muna protested against the arrival of Emperor Akihito and his wife Empress Michiko came. Their reason is as usual pretty stupid - they are fighting what might be best called as a non-existent imperialism. Their group agrees that it could cause the rise of Japanese militarism. From Manila Livewire, I have also read more garbage from the mouths of Bobo Muna that Japan may bring lopsided economic polices and false military promises. Do they think that they are still living in World War 2 and the Philippines is still part of the Empire of Japan? Puh-lease, the Empire of Japan has long been dead ever since World War 2 ended!

Lopsided polices mean where one policy strongly favors only one side, doesn't the stupid 60/40 economic policy of the Philippines do that? Bobo Muna members like Neri Colmenares or leftists like Abo-Gago Antinio Tinio are showing huge degrees of ignorance when it comes to economics. The policy allows foreigners only 40% but Filipinos may own 60% to 100%. Now who's being lopsided? Developed countries receive foreign investments even up to 100% ownership in terms of intangible assets - they don't do that idealistic economic ideal of a Sariling Atin Only kind of national industrialization. Their lopsided policies are causing pain and suffering to Pinoys in general. Any economically educated Pinoy is ridiculed for speaking out to why their stupid economic policies just don't work.

Do the members of Bobo Muna realize why Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko came to honor the dead Filipino soldiers who perished during World War 2? Do they know that the Japanese emperor is now just symbolic and the actual head of state is Prime Minister Shinzo Abe? It wasn't the fault of Emperor Akihito that World War 2 was launched - it was a fault of the late Emperor Hirohito. When World War 2 ended, the Empire of Japan collapsed especially when Emperor Hirohito surrendered renouncing his supposed divinity. It led to a massive suicide which may have led to the fall of the Empire of Japan. Even if the Empire of Japan is dead and Modern Japan is what took its place but the crimes done during World War 2 cannot be denied. I admire how Modern Japan would dare not deny the facts that makes you glad why the Empire of Japan deserved to die. 

A military agreement between the Philippines and Japan can be helpful against China's invading forces. I wonder if those stupid ultranationalists even think that at the way the Philippines is that it can beat China in the case of an invasion. If the SAF-44 can't even handle the Mamasapano Incident or the local terrorist problem, how can they expect to ward off what I'd call as the rising Empire of China in the case of an invasion? Besides, if Pinoy Pride couldn't help uplift the country's miserable conditions then don't expect the Armed Forces of the Philippines to defeat the rising Empire of China. Even if they fly the slogan, "Pinoys are the greatest.", any invading force would tear them to shreds in a few seconds because they are so ill-prepared.

World War 2 is over, the Empire of Japan is dead and it's really time to bury the hatchet. Probably the ultranationalists are just thinking of shouting out protectionism again. After all, I still couldn't forget that stupid event when a Filipino fan of Rurouni Kenshin filed a fake sick leave or just how overcrowded the premiere night was. I guess they're still bitter that their garbage movies never got that much attention. I'm just speculating about my reasons for their protest but who knows? What do you think?