Not All The Poor People Deserve Any Form Of Sympathy!

I just remembered how it had to come from the mouth of a manual worker to tell me that I shouldn't be giving alms to beggars. At first I thought it was an act of charity but instead, it was an act of supporting mendicancy. To be charitable is to show benevolent goodwill or love towards humanity, it can mean to helping the suffering but it does not mean to support parasites. I soon asked the worker saying what about him, he's poor. Then he said something that poverty is not an excuse to be lazy or to go begging, you want money then you work.

Stop asking for fish and learn how to fish is the statement that people must drill into their heads and put into practice. Many of them have the stupid culture of overspending which one way or another, leaves people poor. When you look at payday, instead of saving the money, it's easy to expect people to go dine out, party hard and then the money is gone. Also, many OFWs remain poor because they easily spend out the money left and right when it arrives or two, some even give a hugely ridiculous balikbayan box not just for the nuclear family but also for fair-weathered friends and relatives.

I am afraid but many Filipinos even choose to celebrate poverty. It's sickening to think how many Filipinos may have chosen to remain poor and to be anti-elite. Perhaps the reasons why they may have chosen to remain poor is from a wrong sense of entitlement. They think that because they are poor, the rich are obliged to help them. At the same time, I am just afraid afraid that this country is occupied with the culture that rewards the lazy and punishes the diligent.

Arrogant Filipino squatters
The squatters are human rights violators themselves. As a teenager, I thought that these people deserved my pity when they were driven out from their homes. I realized that these people were in fact a bunch of losers and freeloaders who take even the property of the poor. Do these people deserve any sympathy? No, these people are arrogant bastards who are leeching from the hard work of other people whether it'd be the lower class or the higher class. It made me think of how common workers and laborers work hard, sweat hard and do all they can to get a decent home only to be invaded by squatters then I realize that these scoundrels do not deserve sympathy.

Why should the squatters deserve sympathy when they live on the hard work of others? All they do is to throw away their garbage just anywhere, they are making the work of janitors a lot harder than it should be. What if that janitor they are torturing is the same janitor whose water and electricity they are stealing? Perhaps anti-elitism is also rooted upon the problem of squatters who think they deserve sympathy because they poor and that the rich are automatically evil? Then again, don't tell me that the poor people who work for a rich drug lord are innocent because they are poor and the rich man who treats his employees is evil for being rich? Oh boy, they are enjoying the fruits of the labors of others while they do nothing but either sniffing rugby, stealing or trolling others at the Pisonet. So do they really deserve sympathy for stealing the fruits of the labor of others?

Last but not the least, the same can also go for those who are getting their just desserts for rather severe crimes they committed abroad. Some people even think that death penalty for murder and drug trade is excessive and harsh, never mind that life imprisonment is heavier torture and they still condemn Singapore for executing Flor Contemplacion. Come on, it's been 20 years and why can't they accept the truth that she's guilty of what she did. Looking at what I might dub as the "The Flor Contemplacion Story 2" because it talks about the sad saga of her family that all her three sons went to life imprisonment for drug dealing. So really, do they deserve sympathy because they are poor never mind how many poor people might have been harmed with their stupidity?

What annoys me is how often China is becoming a national scapegoat country (but not that I condone its government's utter stupidity that's causing its people to suffer in return) for the entrance of drugs in the Philippines never mind it's the irresponsibility of the Bureau of Customs plus I wonder, do those who point their fingers at China really even bother to understand why the Chinese crooks love doing business in the Philippines? Just think that those nasty Chinese crooks pay the NBI, pay the Commission of Human Rights then they are all set. Not to mention, you might want to think that lazy Filipinos who want to get rich fast make good henchmen. They know that they are carrying drugs, they know the risk but they do it because they want easy money to support their overspending lifestyle.

The same can go for the three drug mules in China when you consider that drug dealing is something that kills people. While I agree that drug users and drug possession should be treated as a civil offense, however I would still demand the punishment for drug dealers. Do you know the serious consequences of what if people abused the use of narcotics? I really want to ask those activists the question of how would they like it if their children were the ones into drugs? Just think of how many people die from having a "good time" with drugs and all the complications they suffer. So again, did they deserve sympathy because they were poor or not? Not at all.

So really, please stop with that blessed are the poor stupidity because many Filipinos are just financially poor but they are not poor in spirit aka humility.