It's Time For Basic Reforms For The 1987 Constitution

Like the anti-cybercrime law, the 1987 Constitution must be subject to scrutiny and revision every now and then for the betterment of the people. While I am in favor of the anti-cybercrime law against REAL cybercrime, however the law itself was nothing more than the passing of the Balat-Sibuyas Basic Law, a codename I gave for it due to the fact it only protects onion-skinned people with its libel clause that needed to be revised. Moving on, the same goes for the 1987 Constitution that requires some real reforms for the country's progress.

I am sorry to say but as much as I like Senator Miriam Santiago's fierce stand but she really needs to be flexible. I hope she will take time to examine the mistakes of the 1987 Constitution and be open to correct them.

If you want to ask me what I think needs change in the 1987 Constitution, may I suggest the following:

Repeal economic overprotectionist policies

The problem is not the existence of economic restrictions but having too much of it.  As much as you need to make a fence to protect people but if you make the fence too small, it's not good. The problem with Philippine economic protection laws is that it overly tightens the fence with the ridiculous 60/40 policy. The Philippines need to relax its economic laws with reasonable 50/50 and higher ownership offering even 100% ownership in terms of intangible assets. Maybe it might not be feasible to sell land to foreigners due to not all developed countries practice it but at least, it's time to lessen economic restrictions to a reasonable level. It's time to abolish oligarchy in exchange for a bigger spread of elite power to at least start a balance of supply, demand, restriction and economic liberty.

It's time to have a decentralized form of government 

7,107 islands is too many and centralizing everything in Metro Manila isn't working and you might as well call it Imperial Manila. A federal form of government is where power between the national government and the local government units are divided. The Philippines badly needs decentralization of authority. One of the biggest problems today in the Philippines is everything is too centered around Manila. Maybe if we start decentralizing authority then maybe we can start working on each region for more progress.

Make caning a legal punishment within boundaries

I would agree with what Lee Kwan Yew said that the Philippines needs more discipline, not more democracy. I don't really care too much what the United Nations has to say about corporal punishment if it's done within reasonable boundaries. I would suggest that the Philippines follow Singapore's caning laws. Nobody should be exempted from the caning laws and I'd suggest people in power who don't do their jobs get a public caning while commoners get a private caning. If schools also were allowed to spank students for offenses like cheating and vandalizing, we will have more law abiding people in the future.

It's time to make the Philippines a real fine city

The more I think of how Singapore rose up from severe poverty to a real fine city, as said, Filipinos need more discipline than democracy. Just think if the Philippines became a country that would punish people who refuse to follow simple guidelines. I could just imagine what if we started implementing fines for offenses like littering, not flushing, pooing and peeing anywhere and there is no exemption for such punishments.

Return the anti-squatting laws 

Please enough of the squatters have rights to squat policy. These people are no better than the destructive rich when it comes to environmental destruction. I would suggest it's time to really get serious with real relocation, not just relocate them somewhere and they squat again.  Squatters need a rehabilitation from their dirty habits. Besides, they are also a serious threat to investors with how they also contribute to the crime sector. If squatting was reduced, the wealthy criminals would run low on their supply of henchmen.

Death penalty for grievous offenders

Forget about the kind of system that the current Commission of Human Rights have. I say it's time to correct that institution with people who really fight for the rights of the people, not for the rights of the offenders which self-defense should be defended. I would suggest it's time to return the death penalty. I would suggest hanging and/or firing squad would be the best ways to dispose of a criminal with severe offenses like massive plunder, habitual rape and cold-blooded murder (which should not be confused with killing for self-defense).

If possible, shift to parliamentary

My version of parliamentary will discourage political dynasties, abolish Congress and have a parliamentary system. The parliamentary system would also allow for the call of a Vote of No Confidence against any head of state that refuses to perform their duties. This should give any competent leader more time to implement reforms longer than six years, a power that was limited by the 1987 Constitution.