Failipinos Are A Very Epal People!

The ultimate symbol of EPAL...
Epal is a new term that has become very new to the Tagalog vocabulary.  Having grown up as a Filipino-Chinese, I have not encountered the word "epal" in the study of the Filipino language whether it was elementary, high school or even in my college days.  The word may become very foreign but the meaning isn't anything new.
Epal actually means the person is such an "attention grabber" and the definition on the right can mean a lot.

If we are to spell out the letters in English as an acronym it can mean, "Extra Person Always Lingering" which one way or another, tells us that something is wrong with the culture of epal and sad to say but the Philippines can be shown to be a culture of epal and that DOES NOT make life worth living in the Philippines if you are a decent-minded Pinoy and not a Failipino.  Sad to say the Philippines is full of Failipinos instead of decent minded Filipinos.

When I think of the culture of epal, one may consider the microcosm that is Krisis Aquino and her weapons of mass distraction.  Why do many Failipinos love Krisis Aquino so much?  It's because she's very epal that every unimportant detail of her life gets to be updated whether it was her fight with Rufa Gutierrez, whether it was her son Bimby who got bitten by their dog Prada, whether it was her allergy... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  That's why I don't watch Kris TV and I hardly watch ABiaS-CBN because... it's pretty yellow media and ABiaS-CBN News Channel (ANC) is also always covering up the facts about the Aquino regime.  She is a picture of what's wrong with the society itself.  Sad to say but the Philippines is full of epal-minded Filipinos which may explain Kris Aquino's massive popularity.

One good example of EPAL?
The attitude of epal can be observed in day to day circumstances.  If you are to observe how Failipino work ethics are, it's really annoying.  It reminds me of why I even have a manservant who would purposely change his clothes in the wide open to get attention.  I scold him, he answers back again, because he wants attention.  I noticed how more often than not that employees tend to misbehave on purpose to get attention they think they deserve.  You may observe how Failipinos have their love for noise pollution like they play music at the most inappropriate places or they talk very loudly just to get attention.  I noticed how schools in the Philippines can be filled with students who misbehave on purpose in order to get the attention of authorities.  In the road itself, I was annoyed to think that while I got a jaywalking ticket because I crossed the road because I needed to poop, somebody then purposely jaywalked to get the attention of the traffic enforcers and even quarreled the traffic enforcer.  Clearly, Failipinos refuse to follow guidelines which is again, a frustration for decent Filipinos here and there and maybe, they do it to get attention.

Some guy in Get Real Philippines
is indeed the biggest EPAL EVER!.
Back then, I also wrote on why Failipinos also join the Get Real Philippines group.  Again, if they have nothing useful to contribute, they might just as well GET OUT OF THE GROUP and a proof that they are so epal is also, why troll others with your REAL ACCOUNT that can be immediately used against you sooner or later?  My speculation to why they even join Get Real Philippines and other related groups is because, they are attention whores at worst.  What's even more stupid about them is that while they seek to "expose" so and so for being stupid, they show how stupid they are by their actions.  Again, Failipino stupidity is SO AMAZINGLY STUPID that it does not only baffle any decent Filipino but even foreigners of how stupid they really are.  Why do the troll others?  Maybe they are a series of bored people, some of them are actually out-of-school youths and not to mention, just plain stupid, so stupid they think they are smarter than everybody else.  Real smart people do not put themselves on top of others!  Also what's not surprising is that a lot of them patronize Kris Aquino.

It's indeed one way to get attention...
Maybe I can also connect overspending to the state of EPAL because it's very easy to get attention when you have the latest (insert cool stuff) rather than not the latest stuff.  For example, my Samsung Galaxy E5 looks cool but it's definitely not super cool.  When you think of it, having the latest stuff makes you famous until the stuff gets obsolete.  I remembered some of the popular console in the 90s got obsolete so fast like the Super Nintendo could not outperform the Sony Playstation.  Or think how cellphone models easily upgrade like from the i-Phone 5 to the i-Phone 6 then consoles can easily upgrade that from one moment, "Yehey I have this..." then "Wah mom I want that."  Again, why do they indulge in reckless spending/  It's probably because of all the attention that it gives in their neighborhood.  Again it may explain why so many OFWs remain poor.  I observed just how gullible and impressionable most people can be... like, "Wow he's rich because he's got the latest MAC." rather than, "Wow he's rich because he's got tons of cash."  This may also explain why so many people celebrate more lavishly than usual like the birthday party could have just had glamour but why ADD ALL the useless fix-ins?!

Sad to say, this is a nation of epals.  Unless a cultural revolution against epal is made, we can continue to expect BAD POLITICS.  After all, the trend is somewhat like, "Epal people are the reason why epal people are in power."