Better Brace For The Possibility That Kris Aquino May Become The President Of The Philippines Someday!

Knowing how Kris Aquino gets too much attention no thanks to people who can't separate Kris and State, it might be time to prepare for a Kris Aquino Presidency! Kristards are most likely to think that I am jealous of Kris Aquino even when I'm not. They are nothing but a group of shallow-minded people who refuse to think outside the box. Criticism happens for a reason like constructive criticism and destructive criticism. Constructive criticism is offered to improve, destructive criticism is offered to spite. For them, all criticism is destructive criticism because for them, they are the only ones right.

So why am I writing about the possibility of a Kris Aquino presidency? Every time something happens to her good or bad and most of them are NOT IMPORTANT such as her allergies, she gets the spotlight. Come on, just think is that incident in Thailand far more important than the 72 people who died in the Kentex factory fire in Valenzuela? Is her allergies more important than the SAF Miscounter at Mamasapano? For one, people who hate what I write tend not to think outside the box because they tend to view my views as either unjust criticism or I'm just jealous, and in assuming I'm just jealous they think they aren't wrong. Wow, praise their stupid logic that is beyond comparison!

It had me thinking how often do celebrities end up in power most of the time. I noticed how many senators are really inexperienced politicians. Try to notice a lot of politicians are ENTERTAINERS rather than economists and lawyers. Philippine elections have always been about winnability over credibility. It reminded me of why people like Robert Jaworski, Sherap Estrada, Lito Lapid and Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr. got elected is all because of their popularity. Likewise, Bum Aquino gets into power only because his second name is Benigno, he resembles so strongly the uncle Ninoy he never met and because he's an Aquino. Right now, I can't consider the possibilities of a Bum Aquino presidency over a Kris Aquino presidency. Also it seems the more stupid the candidate, the higher the chances of winning right? That's why I am thinking of the possibility that Kris Aquino would someday become president of the Philippines.

I have noticed how her fandom is composed of blind followers and even if what she does is wrong, they cover for her. A lot of them are willing to skip school or work just to sympathize with her problems. It reminded me of someone who accumulated so many absences during the group practicum becauseshe was having a fight with her ex-husband James Yap. I remembered how somebody refused to do her homework or study for the quiz all because of Kris Aquino's problems. It really gets annoying because people SHOULD NOT be overly emphasizing on ANY celebrity problemsor they keep acting like as if the celebrities even know them. Somehow my favorite statement will always be, "Let Kris Aquino help you if I decide to fail you!" whenever I address people who sacrifice their studies for the attention whore's ratings.

Let's just imagine what if one day, Liberal Party decides to endorse Kris Aquino as its president to replace President Nobita's term as it ends in 2016. Assuming that President Nobita has the brain to do so, he might really endorse Kris Aquino as president. What is so amazing is how that the late Fernando Poe Jr. even became a presidential candidate with ZERO political experience and the same can go for Kris Aquino. Why did Fernando Poe Jr. really win the electoral count instead of former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo? Blame the people who vote for a candidate who is NOT even qualified. I would really imagine how Kris Aquino will show her obviously fake humility, make some tears and then, try to win the masses. Knowing the kind of person she is, one may consider how she may end up pampering her two sons Josh Aquino or the other Bimby Yap should she ever become the president.

Just the mere thought of Kris running for the position of president would show the one thing about majority of Pinoys, they DO NOT think outside the box and that winnability for them is way more important than credibility. They really won't care about everything wrong she does... because as long as Kris appears in several endorsements, she would be in their heads, "Kris! Kris!" would be their mantra. They will shout, "Mabuhay si Kris Aquino ang bagong pangulo." If they can vote for her mother an inexperienced housewife into power, they can do the same for her. If Cory says that she has no experience in legalized theft and assassinating political opponents, Kris might say, "Well I have to be the best bet for the Filipino people because I'm popular." This might actually spell the end of the Philippines before you know it. This will also be because of gullible masses and the distraction offered to by ABiaS-CBN's HD B.S. one way or another.

What people may not consider is that Kris' messy family life is proof she cannot run a nation. Just think of how many homes she's wrecked and she's never admitted to her faults, she has an attitude of a pampered spoiled brat and she's most likely spoiling her children just the same. Every time she has a problem, she is bound to keep grabbing attention which gets really annoying that I want to shoot her with an armalite or bazooka every time she keeps making herself known. You may also think of how James Yap actually is a real victim in the situation and how she keeps playing the victim. She is so onion-skinned that she is quick to react to any criticism rather than brush it off. In spite of these demerits, in the Philippines, the only merit you need to win an election is not your credibility but winnability. That is, they will even vote fora total idiot because of winnability reasons. After all, wasn't President Nobita elected because of his parents both the late Ninoy and the late Cory?

Even the whole idea of Kris becoming president is already a horrible imagination, what if it really happens. I can imagine an administration ran by incompetence, corrupt and manipulative officers will puppet her around like they did to her mother the late Cory and to her idiot brother President Nobita. Considering her spoiled brat attitude and expensive lifestyle, expect unjustifiable laws or worse, expect her to raise taxes by X percent just so she could keep pampering her two sons Josh and Bimby with the coolest stuff around making them the envy of other children (and hence ruining their future in the process). She might even use her presidential powers to go frequently on vacation rather than tend to the nation's problems. She might even do Charter Charge that will make her president for life and use the gullibility of the people to do so. She might even declare persona non grata on a lot of people more than any other president. The economy may be worse with even more protectionism forcing more Filipinos to work abroad because nobody wants to invest in the Philippines no thanks to a bitch for a president. Just imagining these... would you really want her as president? Sad to say but bobotantes NEVER think, they just vote based on popularity anyway.

Hopefully whatever speculations I have of the possibility of a Kris Aquino presidency will just be nothing more than a bizarre fantasy. If not, it might be time to pack your bags and move somewhere else right? Or maybe it's really time to raise a violent revolution huh?