What's Next? The Mary Jane Veloso Story?!

Migraine International will really, really remain stubborn to what could be their stand is, "No Filipino can do no wrong.  They are all innocent." or "Stand by your countryman even if they are guilty."  It makes me think that Gary Martinez of Migraine is a huge victim card player especially when he kept mentioning, "How many more Filipinos will end up in death row unless we act?"  Come on, Mary Jane Veloso is already guilty of smuggling drugs right into Indonesia.  Nothing really surprises me especially with invoking the deceased Flor Contemplacion, who was executed last March 17, 1995 for murder.  FLIPFAGs will always insist that their countrymen are innocent out of an act of pseudo-nationalism.

Why do FLIPFAGs always insist that she's just a victim?  What cannot be denied is that she was already responsible for transporting drugs.  The same excuse was used by Failipino activists who insisted that the three drug mules Sally Villanueva, Ramon Credo and Elizabeth Batain didn't know that they were just bringing drugs.  Even after 20 years of Flor Contemplacion's demise after a just and fair trial in Singapore, they still refuse to learn their lesson.  The same old rallies, the same old "stand by no matter what" are really but a huge waste of time because it's a wasted cause.  They should instead rally for change like repealing economic protectionism so more jobs will be provided and two, get rid of those illegal Chinese who are plaguing the country with illegal drugs and the like.

If they are really against labor export policy, they should STOP with their ultranationalism, sariling atin only mentality and stop their whiny protectionist loving attitude.  At the same time, it's really time to stop the whole culture of laziness and overspending which is why so many OFWs remain poor.  It's time to really face reality that people should be condemning not condoning the misdeeds of guilty Filipinos.  If she did the time, then she must do the time.  'Nuff said.