Like It Or Not, Mary Jane Veloso IS Getting Executed!

I know it's a sad day to see a fellow citizen of the Philippines executed but justice had to be done.  I don't enjoy seeing anybody executed but as said, you do the crime, you do the time.  You cannot deny that Mary Jane Veloso is guilty and that, her crime really is worthy of death.  Drug dealing is not an offense you can take lightly.  When drugs are involved, just think of how many people are affected by the likes of coccaine, shabu and the like.  Drug addiction is no joke as how many people were ruined by drugs and how many people die from that problem.

People tell me to think about the family of Mary Jane Veloso.  However did they ever bother to ask themselves on what about the families affected by drugs?  For the last time, I would not buy the B.S. that she didn't know that she was transporting drugs.  Her long letter is simply just unbelievable and I don't want to further comment on it.  Indonesia's President Widodo is aware of how messed up Indonesia had become and therefore, he had become serious with his anti-drug laws.  He should not even issue an apology for Mary Jane Veloso's death.  I know it hurts the family of the soon-to-be executed but the greater good of society must be thought of.

Sad to say but the Philippines indeed has a high level of impunity.  I mean, why do you think Chinese drug lords end up having TNT (tago na tago) in the Philippines?!  Why is the drug industry so strong in the Philippines?  Why is it that corrupt politicians who should have been shot or put to bars for life are still around?  Again, blame it on a high level of impunity.  Like it or not, the Indonesian government is not going to hear the pleas to spare Mary Jane Veloso, sad to say.


  1. Well, Mary Jane just got a miracle big time. At the last minute, Flip govt and Flip society cared enough to get the other people, involved i.e. illegal recruiter, Talk abut Filipino time.
    Mary Jane would be pushing up daisies right now because without that pending investigation by PH, a last minute plea would just get rejected like the previous ones.

    1. I may be wrong in this article but don't rejoice just yet... she's still in death row.

  2. Could she be THAT stupid to not know she's carrying something illegal? Even My 10 yr old nephew would not carry a bag that's not his into an airport.


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