Don't You Dare Tell Me That The Failipino Drug Mules Didn't Know That They Were Bringing Drugs!

Looking at the soon to be executed Mary Jane Veloso, I am about to tackle on one of the dumbest excuses ever.  If you remembered the plight of the late Elizabeth Batain, the late Sally Ordinario-Villanueva and the late Ramon Credo, there was one excuse that was been frequently used even after they had died.  That excuse was that the drug mules did not know that they were bringing drugs.  That's one if the biggest lies ever that can be produced as a result of the victim card mentality.

Right now, the Failipino activist Migraine International keeps doing what it does... condoning instead of condemning a guilty Filipino who truly deserves to be executed.  Migraine International refused to learn its lesson even after 20 years of Flor Contemplacion's death and they still continue to stand by that stupid, "Filipinos are always oppressed" mentality.  I am not surprised that after the commemorated their patroness saint the late Flor Contemplacion, they now would insist that Mary Jane Veloso is innocent.  They have done the same for the three Failipino drug mules, insisting that such people did not know that they were bringing drugs.  Do those Failipino activists really think that they rule the world and that the world must bow down to their demands?  By their actions, they tend to think they are taking over the world.  After all, wasn't Edz Ello acting like Filipinos were taking over the Singaporean state too?

When I thought about Mary Jane Veloso's letter which I read a few days ago, I cannot help but facepalm over it when she said that she didn't know that she was carrying drugs to Indonesia.  Oh boy, didn't she even learn from the failed excuse of the three drug mules in China?  When I think about it, common sense can tell you that it was not a frame-up.  When you are in the narcotics trade, you know for well that you will be bringing drugs and there is a route to follow, that will allow one not to be easily caught.  At the same time, a police can tell the difference between a frame-up and willful carrying of drugs.  Sideline, I wouldn't believe they were that poor because getting a passport cannot be easily done by very poor Filipinos.  It would require at least a higher earning class to get a basic passport to Indonesia.  At the same time, very poor people may even have a hard time moving from one province to another.

Aside from lie detector tests and psychological screening of the suspect, a frame-up cannot carry that much grams of narcotics to merit death for drug trafficking which does not require a rocket detective to know the reason.  If they didn't know that they were carrying drugs, why would they have to act very subtly in transporting what was inside their bags right?  A frame-up would require a subtle approach like swapping bags in the airport, inserting the narcotics into the bug when one is not looking but such a routine isn't going to be very profitable for drug dealers.  If you simply  do the swap the bags trick, the narcotics is most likely going to reach the wrong destination.  If you want the narcotics to reach the right destination, it is best done by a willing drug mule who is willing to transport the drugs from one location to another.

I really cannot help but still say, "The same old victim card trick again.  Oh my, they want to sing Nora Auror's 'Kahit Konting Awa' in vain.  Then they will end up rallying for an unethical cause. At least the students in China who died during the Tiananmen Square Massacre died fighting to protect human dignity and freedom.  These people are rallying for a very wrong cause.  Wow... they always refuse to learn huh?"


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