China Did The Right Thing to Execute the Three Drug Mules

Although China is a Communist country but at times, it has displayed a better sense of governance than the Philippines.  One of the situations that would be included is the execution of the three drug mules.  That day started to raise some Anti-Chinese sentiments causing such stupid comments to appear in social media.  Some people called China as non-humanitarian and barbaric for executing the three drug mules.  Some of them even appealed to the victim card mentality saying stuff like the drug mules didn't know that they were really bringing drugs.  However the careful three year investigation period proved that they willingly brought in the drugs.  A frame-up would have been different, they really brought in the drugs.

Looking at this, narcotics are harmful drugs.  In Chinese history, the Imperial Chinese state suffered under the opium war which resulted to the deaths of a lot of Chinese.  I would assume China always kept that in mind.  Every gram of drug smuggled into any country would cause a lot of fatalities.  Although opium and marijuana have their medical uses but recreational use of either which substance causes deaths of people.  The war against drug abuse is no joke.  I have seen people die because of drugs.  Likewise, these drug mules would have brought in the agents of death that would have killed a lot of people in China.  Also, they have brought in the minimum amount that would have justly called for death penalty.

I also thought of the consequences of what if China granted that pardon that the Philippine government badly wanted to happen.  What if Sally Villanueva, Elizabeth Batain and Ramon Credo were released back to the Philippines?  Now I hate to be rude to their families but one needs to think of the consequences of returning a guilty Filipino back to the Philippines.  If you return guilty Filipinos back to their home country, it would mean they are most likely to repeat the crime.  After all, they got free and they can get away again right?  By executing them, the Philippines had three criminals less to think about that day.  I know the families are hurt but one must think for the greater good of society.  The families affected by drugs must be thought of, not the families of the drug mules.  Plus, you can't please everybody either.

Hopefully this will be an eye opener this Chinese New Year.