Six Ways Failipinos Purposely Ignore The Value of Give and Take

In life, there is always the value of give and take. The sun must give off heat and the water must allow itself to be evaporated. Then in return, the water must fall down again as rain. The rain and sunshine cycle should have at least been enough to tell people the importance of give and take.

Sad to say but Failipinos are a nuisance because they refuse to do the value of give and take. One of the values that every decent Pinoy/Filipino has had enough is how Failipinos ignore the value of give and take. In short, Failipinos have among their kind people who refuse to do give and take. It's always about them. That's the real pain the ass which is reflective of what's going on in society. Now let's see how the value of give and take is purposely ignored. I will present some situations where the value of give and take is ignored.

Abusive Customers

There is the stupid rule called, "The customer is always right." While it's true the customer must be treated right BUT that does not make them always right. Based on experience, the answers yes and no are CASE TO CASE BASIS. Not everything makes a customer right. Just because you are the customer DOES NOT give you the right to yell, bully and even get physical if you are dissatisfied. Sad to say but the placard is absurd.

In business, it's give and take. Customers have the money, the business needs the money. Customers give money, the business gives the product/service. Any institution has the right to go against bad credit because it's operating at a loss. I have experienced becoming a victim of bad credit myself, believe me it's never good. Even an aunt of mine lost PHP 3,000,000.00 and until now, she hasn't been paid back at all. No worries, she's still got money until now!

Free Loaders

I would give the experience of how painful it is to have the value of free loading. Free loaders make the worst taskmasters. They accuse you of being lazy but LOOK WHO IS TALKING. I remembered how often it is the problem for OFWs. OFWs have to be SERVANTS in other countries then there are fiends and relathieves. All the freeloaders do is take and take. They get money but they contribute none to the income. Worse, they spend the money on useless stuff.

The problem is not only limited for OFWs but also from the working class to the elite. You may have the nobodies in business like me who have that problem. As a real estate lessor, I cannot deny how more often than not problematic tenants are a reality. They rent space then they don't pay for rent. They make a range of excuses not to pay. Instead of asking for mercy or working hard, they even dare yell back at the landlord. You can even have working class who raise lazy relatives. You can also have Failipinos who free-ride on successful Pinoys.

Failipino Activists

Leftists are a bunch of bad hypocrites. They demand justice whenever a Filipino is harmed then declare heroes of those who don't deserve it. However you may consider the situation of Flor Contemplacion, Ramon Credo, Elizabeth Batain and Sally Villanueva. Every time a Filipino commits an offense abroad, they stand by him/her. Shouldn't they be CONDEMNING instead of CONDONING the acts of guilty Filipinos?! What really is so horrible is how often they declared heroes out of executed Filipino criminals just because they are Filipino.

Demanding Respect When They Don't Deserve It

It's really something how Failipinos also lack respect. More often than not, they are pioneers of offensive humor, trolling and the like. However, let them become the victims of disrespect, they are immediate to cry foul. It just reminds me of how more often than not, Failipinos play the victim card when they are disrespected. For them, the world revolves around them. It's all about them. It's all about that stupid Pinoy Pride ego that's not helping the Philippines!

Demanding Recognition to Themselves Only

I just mentioned respect, now it's time for recognition. I'm getting tired of all the Pinoy protectionism for entertainment. How often is it that Failipinos say, "We are proud of our own entertainment." even when it's TRASH. They have the habit of wanting others to recognize them but they don't recognize others. It's annoying really how often Failipinos are among the biggest sore losers in the world. This also has given birth to businesses that abuse their customers.

It made me think of how often social studies books gloat about Pinoys who made it big time. Now nothing is wrong with recording Pinoy successes, just make sure Pinoy failures must also be recorded. It's a problem really how Failipinos demand the world to recognize them while they look down at everything that's not Pinoy. They even demand that non-Pinoy Filipinos should bow down to them. If they want recognition, hard work and recognition of others must come first.

Claiming What They Copied as "Their Own"

Now nobody is completely original. We all copy ideas but what is wrong is when we refuse to contribute our own AND claim it as our own. One may consider that OPM is nothing more than copying tunes and Filipizing them. So what's so "original" about it? Now I have nothing against re-using the tunes of others - Freddie Aguilar's "Anak" has been used by other foreign artists, Jacky Cheung also copied some tunes himself, Michael Learns to Rock used the tune of "Kiss Goodbye" for "Take Me to Your Heart". Now what is needed is acknowledgement.

On the other hand, let me think that the idea of "It's More Fun in the Philippines" cannot be considered original and the picture above SHOWS IT. Yes, so what's hypocritical is that Ramon Jimenez (the one who met with Sayaka Akimoto in Japan for an intercutural exchange) said that David Guerrero would rather cut his throat than copy another slogan. Again, nothing wrong with copying but to claim it as original is hypocritical. This has created a culture of Failipinos who copy from others, refuse to acknowledge the sources THEN accuse others of the same thing. Thinkers doers.

Economic Protectionism

Economic protectionism might be considered the apex of no give and take. The 1972 Constitution then the 1987 Constitution continues the same crooked policy. Why is it that foreigner are only allowed 40% and Filipinos are to get the 60%? China learned that lesson years ago and when they allowed 50/50 and above, their economy boomed considerably for a Communist country. It allowed Chinese men to take Caucasian brides, which is good because they have a scarcity of women thanks to the dysfunctional system they had before.

Now what's also very unfair this this. When Failipinos want to invest abroad, they demand they get 100% ownership around the world. For them, it's "fair" because they are the master race never mind Pinoys are just another portion of humanity. The culture of 60/40 may soon disallow Filipino businesses from investing 100% abroad. If the Philippines refuses to give higher degrees up to 100% ownership of foreigners, then why should other nations allow Filipinos to get 100% right?H&n