Filipino Activist Groups Are Not Really Nationalists But Selfish People Who Only Care About Power

There is such a thing as having illegitimate operations while having a legitimate cover. It's like you have a scammer who would never tell you he's scamming you -- he would say that he's honest and trustworthy. The same can go for the Filipino activist groups (and many of them are in party lists) such as Bayad Muna, Akbayad, Makabayad, Migraine International, Makabayad, Gagabriela, Anak Patis, Alliance of Not Concerned Teachers and Kadamay -- these groups claim to be nationalistic but their actions speak louder than words. They are NOT nationalists but they are rather people who only want to have their own selfish interests.

CRappler had a Filipino Communist named Toady Casino writing a faulty opinion piece concerning the three-point agenda of President Duterte (and I wrote a rebuttal here). It was supposedly written in the name of "nationalism" but is it really nationalism? You also have Neri Colmenares and Antonio Tinio who always badmouth foreign investors even going as far as to say that foreign investors will destroy the country or spread the myth that only foreign investors will get rich. Back to that toad -- Casino even goes as far as to say that foreign investors will make the country lose its sovereignty. Yet the irony is that Tom Villarin has been paying foreigners to help his cause and Renato Reyes Jr. went to the International Criminal Court asking for help. These guys also use foreign equipment to do their nonsense activities such as microphones and social media.

So what makes me say that they are not nationalists? A nationalist is a person who expresses concern for his or her country. Nationalism is devotion or loyalty to a nation and looking for its own welfare. I remembered firing shots such as "If you are so nationalistic then get out of the Internet!" then I would believe I've lost the argument by saying that. These guys are only pretending to be nationalists -- not nationalists themselves. Why do they oppose the three-point agenda of President Duterte especially when it comes to economic liberalization? It's not because they are nationalistic but it's all because they only want power and more power. It's because the three-point agenda of President Duterte is definitely bad for them for many reasons which will be explained in succeeding paragraphs!

While Casino mentioned foreign investors last in his two-part faulty article but I will mention it first. The reason why they wouldn't like any laws to remove excessive restrictions such as 60/40 is this -- if more Filipinos will have high-paying jobs in the Philippines then their cause will be destroyed. Where will they get stupid idiots to do their dirty job so they can display their power? A good example is will Migraine International still have their cause fueled if there will be fewer OFWs? It would be a simple no for this reason -- they need the OFWs to go abroad and perhaps to get convicted so they will have a cause to rally at the roads. I don't think that the people of Migraine even care about the OFWs who are about to be executed for a crime -- they are most likely only pretending to do so and exploit the bereaved family in the process! Not to mention they will also run out of oligarchs to pay them high sums of easy money -- all the while they pretend to be anti-elite. Just think of the scenario where you have Dick Jones or Louis Strack from Robocop and Darkman pretending to be anti-crime all the while they secretly have a connection to gangsters. One can view Boddicker and Durant from Robocop and Darkman as the activists and the businessmen behind them as the oligarchs.

So why lie that federalism will give more power to President Duterte? It's because federalism (most especially asymmetrical federalism) will lessen the powers of Imperial Manila. I guess many of these guys are actually Tagalistas. The system of asymmetrical federalism has a delegation of powers under ONE CONSTITUTION. Don't believe that crazy old man's lies that federalism will mean the Philippines will have one constitution and 17 other constitutions under that one constitution. He's lived in Australia long enough yet he doesn't even see how federalism and parliamentary works. This is all part of fear-mongering believing that their fellow Filipinos will always remain stupid. But the sad news is the Filipino like every other race has the capacity to evolve. Federalism will slowly dismantle the selfish interests of Tagalista activists too!

The parliamentary system would mean their power will be severely weakened. If they get the Majority Bloc then the will have to answer to the Minority Bloc and vice-versa. It doesn't matter on which side the Filipino activist groups get in the Parliament -- they will be submitted to the weekly question hour and be KICKED OUT of the Parliament should the whole institution lose confidence in them. The parliamentary system's vote of no confidence is a more powerful form of impeachment than the one we have the presidential. If majority (51%) of the Parliament votes against them then expect the end of the Filipino activist groups. Can you imagine Carlos Zarate and Antonio Tinio getting literally thrown into the trash can together with the likes of Antonio Trillanes IV?

Not to mention I could talk about why they are vilifying the TRAIN Law and accuse it of being the cause of inflation. Okay, maybe it did but the correction mechanism was done regarding excise taxes with gasoline since public transporation needs them. So why would they vilify the tax reform and accuse it of causing inflation? I guess they want the old tax system where you have PHP 132,000 + 32% highest tax rate for any excess of PHP 500,000 in contrast to PHP 490,000 + 32% of the excess of PHP 2,000,000. Hmmmm I guess they love the old tax rate because it gives them MORE MONEY under the table. The old tax rate has caused tax evasion to be in fact very high. This would allow dirty businessmen to pay money under the table and keep more money for themselves to pay Filipino activist groups more money from behind the scenes.

So next time you want to ask them about their nationalism -- you might want to expose their fake nationalism which is but a cover. Call them what they are -- selfish people who flip their stance only for their own convenience!